10 Things You Don’t Know Ruining Your Sex Drive

ruin your sex driveSex is another crucial need of human body that reflects how healthy your body is. Sex is counted on your body’s own sexual capacity and sex drive that hits you more often or less often. Well, you can relate sex drive with your libido levels that give you sexual desires. 6 out of 10 people have issues related to their sex drives as they find it hard to indulge in a good satisfying sex. More often they fail to satisfy their partners on bed and even fail to get full pleasure. If you think sex drive is just about your mind game or control let me tell you you’re still far away from the actual fact. There are some factual reasons why you’re feeling low about sex, you’re experiencing less interest in sex, finding it hard to get orgasm, facing problems related to your erectile. Things that you don’t know are actually ruining your sex drive. Here are they.

1. Lack of sleep

Sleep is a very crucial factor when it comes to sex drive. Depleted energy and exhausted mind as well as body can never get you in the mood. Your libido levels decrease gradually when you’re tired and sleep deprived. Hence, getting enough sleep and rest can help you to retain your sex drive.

2. Stress and depression

Stress, anxiety and depression have several negative effects on health. Less sexual desire is lack of interest in sex is one of those negative impacts. Too much of stress increases the level of stress hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline and norepinephrine. These hormones make human mind slow, sluggish and full of anxiety that leads to low sex drive.

3. Caffeine and alcohol intake

Intake of caffeine and alcohol on regular basis is one the most definite things that ruin your sex drive aggravating your anxiety and stress levels. It not only reduces the desire of having sex but also lower your libido, causes erectile dysfunction and issues related to orgasms.

4. Salty diet

Excessive sodium intake in your regular diet can lead to high blood pressure that can significantly deplete your libido levels spoiling your sex drive. Fried foods and fatty foods are not only loaded with salts but also full of saturated fats that clog-down the arteries blocking the blood flow to your genitals affecting your sexual strength and desire.

5. Lack of workout

If you hate sweat and are way too lazy to wake up in the morning for a nice sweaty workout but still want a satisfying sex life, it’s time to move your body. Exercising regularly can help you to enhance your sex life as well as increasing the libido levels. Workout not only increases your sex drive but also makes you strong enhancing your sexual capacity.

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6. Insufficient intake of water

Do you think you’re drinking enough water a day? May be 5-6 litres a day? Well, if you are in doubt whether you’re completing even 2 litres of water a day, let me tell it’s time to drink loads of water. Water not only keeps your system hydrated but keeps your vagina and penis well functioning. Less intake of water cause headaches, fatigue and even stomach issues which are some of the reasons to ruin your sexual desire.

7. Watching excessive porn

I bet many of you didn’t know this thing and would take a lot of time to believe this fact. Yes, watching excessive porn movies can ruin your sex drive. Literally! Watching porn repeatedly can over stimulate dopamine the neurotransmitter that triggers sexual desire and pleasure. And the over-repetition of this process makes it harder for the brain to respond.

8. Oral contraceptives

Almost 60% of married women rely on oral contraceptives for safe sexual life. Oral contraceptives are nothing but the hormones that maintain regularity of menstrual cycles and avoid unwanted pregnancy. Any fluctuations between these medicinal hormones can cause depletion of libido.

9. Snoring

Are you a snorer? Is your partner snoring every night? Have you been experiencing very low sexual desire from a long time? Well, the reason is here, snoring. It’s a clear symptom of sleep apnea that reduce the testosterone levels in both men and women that negatively affects your sexual drive.

10. Emotional Imbalance

Emotional imbalance and misunderstandings with your partner is a crucial thing that can also ruin your sex drive. If you’re experiencing rough patches in your relationship with your partner you need to fix it really soon to make things smoother to work out when it comes to physical love.

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