10 Interesting Ways To Think ‘Outside Of The Box’

Think Outside Of The Box

To be highly competitive in the modern world, you need to provide unique solutions that showcases  your level of creativity. You need to be innovative in your approach and must be able to conceptualize matters with a different point of view. In order to get yourself out of the situation without worsening it, you must be able to provide outside of the box ideas.

But when you are told to come up with out of the box ideas all the time, you might feel confused as what you need to do in addition to give such creative solutions. You find yourself in jeopardy when you confront problems and you need to tackle it in an unconventional manner. In fact, thinking out of the box solutions is not a one time act. It, in fact, should be ingrained in your mind deeply.

When we think of unique solutions in the already applied conventional manner then our thinking becomes narrow and we create fencing in our thought process. We have been dealing with many versatile situations but with a view to effectively deal with these circumstances, we need to give our brains a required push. You need to develop your mind to augment your hidden talent of thinking out of the box. To creatively provide a solution for day to day problems, you need to read these 10 interesting ways to think ‘outside of the box’:

  1. Start Learning About Other Cultures

Since childhood, you have been following your own culture that has incorporated in you basic habits, values and have shaped your opinions accordingly. But when you have to do something out of the box, you need to step out of your comfort zone. For this, you need to start learning about various cultures, their traditions and practises along with their day to day preachings. You need to understand that even people of different cultures are leading a routine life like yours despite being distinguished in their practises. Read articles or meet people with different cultures and try to acquire knowledge about their rituals and habits. They will surely teach you something that will enable you to think creatively.

  1. Go For Hobby Classes

Take time for sharpening your mind. Hobbies such as singing, dancing, painting, cooking, designing, etc triggers the creative side of your brain. Your mind becomes active if you start pursing hobbies and you automatically get more involved in such activities. An active and sharp mind is capable of generating outside of the box ideas and you just need to relax your brain muscles by pursuing hobbies. By de-stressing your brain nerves, you can make better use of your mind as it is refreshed and tension free.

  1. Research About Working Structure In Different Industries

The best way to find out of the box solutions is by learning and keeping your research going. You must go to the library or the internet and search for trade and business magazines around the world and analyse the pattern of working in industries other than yours. You must find the problems faced in other industries and hook onto the solutions provided by them. When you have a global picture of problems and solutions at one place, you become keener to implement such creative solutions in your organization. You can also look out for business ethics of successful people and read about their style of working. You will surely find some innovative ideas, which will keep your spirits high.

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  1. Start Reading Books

Reading is one of the best ways to perk up your brain. But you need to bring it into habit so that your mind never finds itself stagnant or not creative. Try reading something that you have never tried before. If you are accustomed to reading science fiction, then try some thriller novels. Fantasy novels or literature based novels or even detective novels. But you must not only focus on how the story is moving but also on the creative solutions that characters have for crossing all the hurdles. Try to establish connection between your problems and the problems mentioned in the books. If you keep on reading books of different genres, then you will have miraculous answers with you in hand.

  1. Try Brainstorming

Brainstorming is an excellent process to unearth great ideas out of your mind. Sometimes, you just need a proper ambience and a proper state of mind to unravel unique out of the box ideas. Try brainstorming alone or with your team and let yourself go to the roots of the situation. If you try alone, then you may come up with some viable options. But it is always suggested to brainstorm with a team so that you all direct your focus on the subject matter and your brain is said to work optimally in competitive environment. Moreover, you also need to concentrate on the way other people think so that you get to know their way of finding solutions, which may be utterly new for you.

  1. Start Writing About The Problem

Whenever you face any problem or a complex situation and finding an outside of the box solution is essential for satisfying all the parties, then don’t waste time. Just write your problems down starting from how it started and grew and now what are its consequences. Write it down comprehensively in proper order, then read it from top to bottom and then in backward pattern. While reading in this manner, you will get to know what went wrong when the task was being done and that is the point which will stimulate your brain to provide logically creative solution.

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  1. Take Advice From Children

It is true to core that we all were more creative when we were children as we used to do mostly those things which we loved to. And when we did something out of compulsion, then it would be just an honest effort. So if you have children around you, then manipulate your problems in an understandable way and put the situation in front of them. Children think spontaneously and they blurt out everything they have in mind without hesitation. But don’t just go out and do as they say (you cannot afford to build a sky scraper out of biscuits to please them…!). You need to understand the essence of their words. Just mould your thinking in the way children think.

  1. Go With The Flow

Sometimes, you just ache your mind in thinking about creative solutions and you just end up wasting lot of time in the process. Rather than focusing on the problems, let it go if it is meagre. Bring some randomness into your work and go with flow. Let go some mistakes and continue the task and try to work in hostile or chaotic conditions. Instead of working on the same pattern everyday or trying to bring perfection in everything, carry on with your work and you will eventually at a later stage be able to tackle the problem with a creative stance.

  1. Take A Refreshing Shower

There is an abstract link between taking shower and thinking outside of the box. As per many experts, your mind is at a relaxing state when you take shower and the lonely atmosphere with soothing water dripping over your body sets the tone for a perfect concentration. While taking shower, think again about the problems from the beginning and you will certainly be at a better mental condition to recount the situations and bring out the best available options. It is just like meditation, where you develop your concentration level in a calm environment. Only such high level of concentration will enable you to be creative in every sphere.

  1. Go For A Long Walk

There is nothing as peaceful for the mind as a long walk in the evening or early morning. Its stimulates your senses and you become more of a poet or a writer kind of person when you do some self talking in the perfect weather. In the process of walking, you aim at walking longer distances but to keep your mind distracted from counting your footsteps or distance, you must try to think about your problems faced in routine life. Try to analyse why you face them and if others too faced them, try to know how they are solving them. You will become habitual of thinking deeply for getting best solutions for day to day problems and will eventually prowess in the skill of thinking outside of the box solutions.

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