Things To Do To Get The Ultimate Experience Of Being In Mumbai

There is no limit to which a city like Mumbai can surprise you in the things it offers to its visitors. It is essential you taste a little bit of what Mumbai has to offer in order to enjoy the perfect trip. If you are in for a short trip to the city, add everything mentioned in the list below to have the ultimate Mumbai experience.

Very often it happens that we die to go to some places hearing about or reading about it but when we finally have the time in our hands we are spoilt with choices, unable to decide on place. When something like that happens, don’t just go by a hunch. Just choose a safe destination where you think no wrong and the destination has enough on its plate to offer you a little of everything. Unless you are looking for a serene and calm getaway, if you are looking for a safe choice with various things to do, Mumbai is a good choice. The commercial capital has the world to offer to any visitor. Book you Delhi to Chennai to Mumbai flights and get ready to experience the time of your life. Here is the list of the best things the city offers to its visitors.

List of Places of Tourist Interests

Mumbai Famous Places 2016

  • The Gateway of India – the biggest and most iconic landmark in the city, the majestic Gateway of India was built and opened for public view in the year 1924. The structure takes the architectural influence of the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture. Needless to say, there is not a moment during the day and night that the monument does not have some by passers stopping and admiring its beauty.
  • Elephanta caves – Famous for its famous temple carvings, the Elephanta caves are found not very far from the main city. These ancient caves are simply remarkable and breathtaking. It is found on a small island, which can be approached by a boat.
  • Jehangir Art Gallery – Mumbai is the place to be to appreciate art in India. Many aspiring artists leave all they have to make a living in the city. This art gallery built in 1952 is a great place to appreciate and enjoy fine Indian art. This gallery not just exhibits works by well-established artists but also new upcoming aspiring artists.

List of the Beaches

Mumbai Beaches List

  • Juhu Beach – Probably the most popular beach in Mumbai, this beach is a place where the old and the young visit day in and day out which makes the beach see a huge crowd all day long. Juhu beach is the longest beach in Mumbai stretching at a length of about 6 km. There is a big ISKCON temple near it.
  • Aksa beach – This is a very serene beach in Mumbai, popular among young couples. A plunge in the beach may not be the best idea at this beach, however, you can always go for long walks along the shore during the evenings and let the cool water hit your leg a you walk by slowly.
  • Gorai beach – Gorai beach is easily one of the best places to witness the early sunrise and sunsets. The fish market just near its beach is one of the most famous seafood markets in Mumbai where you will find almost any kind of seafood.

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List of Street Foods

Street Foods of Mumbai

  • Vada Pav – Also known as ‘the poor man’s burger’, Vada Pav is one of the most popular street foods in Mumbai. This snack comprises of mash potatoes mixed with spices, fried into a patty and put between a bread sliced in half. Either a green mint chutney or tomato ketchup are served along with this snack.
  • Pani Puri – A ball of crispy fried poori is punctured on top with the tip of the fingers where a mixture of mash potatoes with spices is added until it is finally submerged in a tamarind juice and spice mix water and served. That is panipuri for you. There may be many variations of panipuri in terms of ingredients or even the names it is called, but nothing beats the original.
  • Pav Bhaji – Pav bhaji is probably one of the heaviest street food in the popular circle, which also, of course, depends on the portion served by the stall owner. This snack involves cooking dried peas with an assortment of greens and vegetables with spices until all the elements are thoroughly cooked and can be mashed by a wooden spoon. Clarified butter is used to recook a portion of the dish to be served to you and a bun in the size of full-grown man’s fist is split into half and heated on the pan with some clarified butter.

A visit to these places and trying out the mentioned street food is a must on your visit to Mumbai. You can end up only doing the things mentioned on the list above and no one will tell you have not had the proper Mumbai experience. Everything you need to do to have that ultimate Mumbai experience has been laid out for you and the only thing you need to do now is experience its nightlife. This is not compulsory as partying is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you don’t drink alcohol. But if you are a party animal, break a leg!

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