Ways To Deal With Narcissists

How To Deal With Narcissists

Narcissists are very tough to deal with. Narcissist people are more self centred and egoistic. They hardly think outside of themselves as they stay more within their self made boundaries which is related to them only. They love to stay internal rather external. Their narcissism repels most people for which they have limited friends and partners. However, narcissists need more care, empathy and understanding to deal with. There are so many people who are narcissists who are found in office, or friend circle or even our own family. They are highly obsessed with themselves. Dealing with narcissists need some well-practiced ideas and methods. Here are they..

1. Recognise the person whether the person is a strong narcissist.

Before interacting with narcissists ensure that what kind of narcissism tendency they have, because some tendencies aren’t necessarily narcissism. Narcissists lack empathy and are low in self esteem. They need to be consistently admired and praised. For them, the world revolves around them and need compliments for paying their attention.

2. Accept narcissist people’s limitations.

If anyone from your family or even your spouse or partner is a narcissist you have to accept their limitations. Don’t expect any support and attention from them, as they are really not able to provide you with all these. This will help you to be less frustrated and disappointed.

3. Show some compassion.

Narcissists are no doubt less in self confidence hence, seek other’s attention more. Try to have compassion for them as they really need it and they are humans too. This doesn’t mean that you would be supporting them to be more gain more narcissism behaviour.

4. Try to listen more and carefully.

Narcissists usually love more praises and compliments to hear but whenever they talk try not to stop them as it could make them feel like you are not interested in their self centred thoughts which could make it much worse.

5. Smile a lot while you interact with them.

Giving a cool and accepting smile to narcissists can reduce the risk of attack of worse behaviour. However, it’s the best way to deal with any narcissist person.

6. Never challenge.

These people have low tolerance and get frustrated and aggressive very easily. So, to avoid any extremely annoying and awkward situation you shouldn’t challenge their opinions and desires.

7. Identify the source of their behaviour.

Many narcissists who are more attention seeking and admire loving, have a common source of their narcissism that is insecurity and jealousy. They need more reassurance and calm talks to eradicate the source out of their mind which is quite difficult to do.

8. Avoid any verbal fight.

It’s a bad idea to get into a verbal fight with these kind of people as they will feed their behaviour by this and you will only be humiliated making the relation and situation worse.

9. Praise and admire them genuinely.

Don’t fake your admirations for them however, this can maximise your annoyance and frustration towards them. So, praise them when you really mean it to make them value the relations and your views.

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10. Create and reflect the interventions.

Narcissists can be tackled well, giving examples of interventions. Never let them know that they are narcissists, because this could be real hurting for them. Narcissism could only be moved by interventions which could affect their lives badly making them learn about their mistakes and proving to be a great lesson. Give some examples like people like them who were so clever and smart failed very miserably and is now repenting over it, and make sure never reflect these topics aggressively rather be calm and smile as much as you can. If you friend or your family member is a narcissist then on let them suffer from the interventions to make them realize their weakness and mistakes.

Coping and dealing with narcissists is not really effortless. You need more patience, focus and calm mind to interact with them. Don’t support their behaviour but show some appreciation to make them inclined towards what you want to show them.

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