10 Best Ways To Propose Your Love

best ways to propose your love

It’s really heart breaking to know that 50% of singles around the world are leading their life without any partner only because of no idea or creativity on proposing their love and crush. Proposing the love of your life is quite an overwhelming and pleasing experience especially when you try to be creative, romantic and original. The most important thing about proposals is getting positive response for sure and for that you have to put your best efforts to propose your beloved partner. So, for those people who are stepping back from the idea of proposing their love, here is a big treat for you guys “10 Best Ways To Propose Your Love”.

1. Surprising proposal at any public place

No doubt you have to do some of the homework for this plan to execute precisely. Choose any public place be it a shopping mall, or a family park or a restaurant or even on the middle of a road. You need 10-15 helping hands for holding the big cards written with your lovely message of love or question of asking to get married on it with some flowers and balloons to give it a nice romantic touch. And don’t worry about the audience as girls love to get attention from a huge mass especially when she is the centre of attraction for a love proposal.

2. YouTube proposal

Oh! A really creative idea of proposing your love in this highly busy and technology influenced era. Just you need a nice creative DIY video with nice editing and cute but creative message to propose your love. You have to upload the proposal video on YouTube and sending a link of the video to your crush in a mail with a serious note to check out the video and wait for the response patiently.

3. Beach proposal

An exotic and romantic backdrop always do the magic of cupid for your success in love. Plan a nice getaway for two on a beach side where you can find a nice picturesque of sunset and get a nice sand art (do it yourself if you can or hire a professional) with lovely message beside a beautiful castle with rose petals and balloons. How romantic!!

4. Chasing Proposal

All you have to do is getting the current status of your love while he/she is on the road. Make sure you are nearby and text your partner with directions and at each stop make sure she/he get all the roses and balloons and finally when she/he arrives just be there kneeling down with a bunch of red roses, balloons and a big message of your love proposal at your back to be distinct enough. (Note: Find a place to propose where you can stick your message or your banner without any trouble).

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5. Photosession Proposal

Now plan a surprise wherever you want at a restaurant, or a private candle lit dinner or a beach where you can plan a nice way of proposing with lots of flowers, balloons, chocolates and some real cute kids holding the message of your love for you and one or two photographers to capture the moment at best and approach your love with a nice sweet ring.

6. Radio Proposal

Love when goes in air to reach someone it’s the best ever feeling and has most chances of getting positive responses. So, now if you have the guts you declare your love for your date or crush on air. Get a specific time when your love switches on the radio so that you can call that local FM radio station to convey your lovely message of love with real overwhelming words and make it memorable enough to win her heart. Follow this plan with a romantic song dedicating to her/him and expect an assured ‘YES’ call.

7. Surprise Box proposal

Now send your partner a nice outfit with all accessories with a invitation for a meeting and plan a private evening for a surprise date. Get yourself dressed at your best and get a big gif box to hide in and get the box wrapped by your helpers and be ready with a nice amazing ring inside the box so that the moment she/he unwraps the box you will pop out from the box with your proposal. Surprise!

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8. Banner proposal

Not a problem at all if you can’t go on words in front of her as she shuts your mouth withe your natural and effortless beauty and looks. All you need is number of big banners to convey your love message everyday within a week displayed outside her house or workplace or on her/his jogging way or parking lot wherever your message will be crystal clear to your love. Make sure to make it little quick within 7 days and the final day with a final message or question “Will You Marry Me?”

9. T-shirt proposal

Get some nice custom and personalized T-shirts with your own love messages for proposing your crush. You need 4-5 tees with all kind of lines you wanna say it to your date. Make sure keep it short and wear them accordingly so that when you first reveal your t-shirt the message is on top and final message at the very bottom. Take her/him out on a date cover your tees with a jacket get down on your knees and surprise your love with your romantic and creative way of proposal.

10. Aquarium Proposal

Plan out for a casual date. Take your love to a nearby aquarium in your town or city. You need to do some homework for this as you need the biggest tank of the aquarium to convey your message on a huge banner holding up it against the glass by the divers(you have to pay the divers for it of course) and between all those beautiful sea creatures and onlookers you will get a nice surprising reaction of your crush/partner. Aww! So beautiful.


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