8 Reasons Why Men Who Workout Are Happier

Reasons why men who workout are happier

Medical studies have said that in comparison to our ancestors, we lack the strength and agility owing to the 360 degree change in the style of living. This is mostly because of the reduced physical activity and adopting a sedentary lifestyle. Our ancestors used to work hard at the farms, would go walking to distant forests to collect wood, would chase after animals, etc. But we have become accustomed to sitting in front of the computers for more than 8 hours a day while finding enough excuses to skip workouts.

Our ancestors, especially males, enjoyed their strenuous physical activity as they sought adventure and fitness training in their daily routine tasks. Even today, men who workout have the same kind of longing for physical power and endurance and they love to present themselves as a person who is mighty fit. Many researchers have revealed that men who exercise regularly have greater productivity levels and their mind is trained to be stable and creative. They know that being physically and mentally healthy will enable them to enjoy greater life span and a disease free future. They are even great at pulling off their romantic relationships too.

Instead of finding your heaven in your couches sitting in front of an idiot box, find ways to give yourself a boost of happiness by knowing these 8 reasons why men who workout are happier:

  1. Perks Up Your Mood

Reasons why men who workout are happier

Workouts tend to release the muscle tension and simple warming up exercises renders flexibility to the body. The circulation of blood throughout the body, the increased rate of heart beat and the optimum secretion of hormones releases chemicals in the mind that helps in giving your mood the right kick. Many health experts have said that exercising in the morning for at least 15 to 20 minutes is enough for setting your mood right for the next 8 to 10 hours. To remain happy for the whole day at work, it is certainly not a bad deal!

  1. You Become Active

Reasons why men who workout are happier

In today’s fast paced life, you cannot afford to remain inactive and see others grabbing opportunities that you have always dreamt of. The sedentary lifestyle, dependence on junk food, stress and lack of exercise makes you inactive. When you workout, your level of physical activity increases, which in turn, gives a boost to your metabolism rate. Your body systems work efficiently making you highly active. Your activeness at work and personal life will be highly appreciated and this recognition will make you feel happier.

  1. Stress Management Becomes Easier

Reasons why men who workout are happier

Many eminent people have focused on increasing the productivity by correctly channelising your tension, frustration and stress levels. It is said that whenever you feel irritated or tensed, rather than sitting in a corner and over thinking about any issue, sweat it out. Go for a brisk walk or jog or hit the gym. Men who regularly exercise have developed the skill of managing their stress levels with efficacy.

  1. Gives You Sense Of Accomplishment

Reasons why men who workout are happier

The best motivation is when you attain your goals. Setting goals and working hard for it with determination is nothing less than any adventure. If you are fond of adventures, then there is nothing better than a workout. List down all your fitness goals for the current month and work hard for it. Not to forget to mention, the sense of accomplishment in terms of your fitness will be unmatched.

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  1. You Become Psychologically Sturdy

Reasons why men who workout are happier

Being mentally strong has become a necessity for facing the intensifying competition out there. You need to be your creative best while having control over your emotions. You must have high concentration levels and logical attitude for taking day to day decisions in personal life and workplace. For juggling between numerous activities, your mind needs to be stable and this you can attain by exercising regularly.

  1. Depression & Anxiety Will No Longer Haunt You

Reasons why men who workout are happier

You may face a lot of ups and downs in your personal and professional life. Many times failures in different spheres of life can cause depression or anxiety issues. But men who workout regularly know how to keep themselves motivated and they understand the importance of putting undeterred efforts towards attainment of end goals. You become stout hearted and focused in your life.

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  1. You Become Self-Contented

Reasons why men who workout are happier

In addition to workout, meditation is very essential to enjoy peace of mind. Working out hard at office and gym is a waste if you don’t enjoy a calm state of mind. Men who couple meditation with workout feel a sense of content as the flow of blood and hormones in the body along with relaxed muscles contribute in giving them satisfaction from everything they are doing in their lives.

  1. You Prowess In Managing Anger

Reasons why men who workout are happier

It is easy to victimise others with your anger. If you constantly face the disorder of getting angry over petty issues, then you can manage your anger by working out. Many health experts have suggested that working out and weight lifting helps in controlling outburst of emotions as it brings stability to the mind to concentrate on the situation. It helps men in directing their negative energies in working out harder so that they manage their anger levels well.

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