Why Sex Life Loses Its Spark Post Few Years Of Marriage?

Why Sex Life Loses Its Spark  

Many people encounter a very common marital issue regarding their sex life and that is loss of spark in sex life after two to three years of marriage. There are some common beliefs regarding sexual life after marriage such as arranged marriages experience dull sexual life as compared to love marriage, love marriage are quite better as compared to arranged marriages in the term of sexual life. But the fact is both love and arranged marriages endure the same problem post few years of marriage when it comes to active sex life. The initial sexual attraction in both marriages remains hyperactive and gradually loses its tempo as years pass by. Couples get used to this pace of love making and adjust their sexual life accordingly. According to the National Sexual Health Conference, around 40% of couples all over the world who have been living together for almost 4 years, only have sex few times a month and those who have been together for 15 years, 15% of the couples have sex few times a year. The latest studies claim that sexual life loses its spark just after one year of marriage. And the most crucial question that emerges here is why? Let’s discover the reasons that could help you to enhance your sexual marital life.

1. Not sparing some quality time for yourself

To stay in a healthy relationship one must nurture some quality time with oneself as space is very important factor that enhances every relationship. As an individual you must respect your space to pursue things that makes you a better person. If you can’t be happy yourself you can’t keep anyone happy.

2. Not being honest with your partner

The most important factor of any relationship that is on the verge of extinction is honesty. Being unfaithful can play a role of catalyst in the process of losing spark in sex life. One has to be crystal clear with his/her partner to let them penetrate inside them and feel the depth of love to maintain the longevity of sexual relationship.

3. Not keeping sex on top priority

65% of couples globally give less importance to sex and keep it in low priority. Sex is the most important factor that creates the strong bond for couples to be in love forever. Physical love is as important as psychological and emotional love. But many people stay with their partners emotionally not physically.

4. Investing maximum attention on the belief of losing spark after few years

Another strong cause that escalates the loss of spark in sexual life is the belief itself. Many people are so familiar with their belief that even if they are at the initial stage of their love life they start nurturing the idea that their love and sexual life is going to get its end after few of their marriage which impels them to invest their attention and focus on all other things but their marital life.

5. Not enhancing yourself

In every relationship there’s a comfort level for every individual. When that individual reaches the level of comfort in his relationship, he starts giving less attention to his physical appearance and personality. He starts caring less about himself as he knows his partner is quite familiar with his individuality. That individual becomes laid back and stops enhancing himself that ultimately kills the factor of attraction for his partner.

6. Not trying to discover new things about your partner

When two people are in a relationship there are some small tiny factors about each other that keep surprising both every now and then. Those surprising elements help to attract both towards each other. But after a certain time period both individuals stop discovering and exploring each other that merges their identification which is another reason why marital sex life loses its spark soon.

7. Paying less attention on your partner’s preferences

In a relationship both individuals play equal role and both must be given equal chances as well as respect. When one partner pays less attention towards other’s preferences or choices it is natural to feel downhearted and discouraged. This creates a mental dissatisfaction that gradually takes a shape of big rift in relationship.

8. Never appreciating your partner’s effort

Be it sexual life or emotional love life, people must appreciate their significant others no matter how busy their life goes. Appreciating your partner reminds them that they still are able to make an imprint on their partner’s heart. This small effort is ignored, they feel ignore too which makes them distant from you emotionally and physically.

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9. Culturing anger secretly

After being in a relationship with someone from a quite long time, it is quite natural we people tend to archive their negative traits and factors building a case against them which eventually makes us feel cynical about them. This process only harbours and cultures anger and resentment, without our true realization which is the most strong reason why sex life loses its spark after few years of marriage. Even if we feel a little happy and close to our partners, their single wrong move and action makes it critical for us and we start viewing them from the lens of cynicism.

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