Here’s Why You Should Not Go For Detox Diets

Detox Diets

Detoxification has become a buzz word among the health conscious people and the whole process of eliminating toxins from your body sounds tempting. Whenever you feel that you had too much of junk food this week or indulged in too many sweets in the past few days, you may undoubtedly think of detoxifying your body. It is largely believed that going for a detox diet once a month can help in flushing out the toxins while improving the functioning of your internal systems. But before you take this big plunge, you must definitely know that latest studies have revealed why you should not go for detox diets:

  1. You Are Already Equipped With Organs To Perform Detoxification

Already performing the job of detoxification in the most brilliant manner are your lungs, kidneys, liver and even skin. So before jumping to the decision of consuming green juices and eating raw vegetables for colon cleansing for numerous days at a stretch, just remember that God has already gifted you with excellently functioning detoxifiers.

However, in case, you want to lower the work burden of your liver, then why not think of cutting down the amount of alcohol that you now drink recklessly?

  1. Detox Diets May Avoid Inclusion of Major Food Groups

Whether you are undergoing any kind of green juice or veggie diet, master three-day colon cleanse or any wheat / dairy or anything worth eating elimination diet, then you are somehow compromising on major protein, carbs, soluble fibre and essential mineral and vitamin resources. There is no harm in avoiding refined flours and but ensure that you have enough of lean meat, fish, multi grain foodstuffs, low fat dairy products and plenty of fruits and vegetables to compensate for the nutritional deficit that can otherwise occur from those strict detox diets.  

  1. Detox Plans May Severely Reduce Your Calorie Intake

Most forms of detox diets focus mainly on having more of green juices or salads, which generally results in less calorie intake as against the daily recommendations. Your ideal calorie consumption is basically determined by your body structure and activity levels but as per recommendations by leading healthcare organisations, a typical male adult requires 2500 calories a day and a typical female adult needs 2000 calories per day. However, in contrary, the detox diets would provide you with a maximum of 600 to 800 calories a day minus essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbs.

You can ensure proper detoxification when you decide to indulge less on sweets, alcohol and limit caffeine consumption while keeping a check on calorie consumption per day.

  1. Your Workout Regime May Suffer

Working out while you are low on nutrition and calories, is a torture that not only your body endures but your brain too. Your body needs energy for exercising and burning out those extra calories. In case, you are hell bent on cutting down the amount of regular food intake, then it is better to lower the intensity of your workout too. Forcing your body to workout when it is low on fuel will not only stop giving better results, but it will also deteriorate your health in the long run.

  1. Losing Weight Will Become Slower In The Long Run

Following any kind of strict detox diet for a long period of time while maintaining a high level of consistency, is not everyone’s cup of tea. Once the novelty of the whole process starts fading, your urge to gorge on pizzas, caffeine and colas may make a comeback. Detox for weight loss is a success only when your aim is to lose a few pounds. But if you have a long way to go in your journey of weight loss, stay away from the so called tempting detox diets and start making healthy choices in life.

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