20 Womanly Things That Men Find Unattractive

Men Find Unattractive      

Men and women no doubt get attracted towards each other over several things be it looks, figure, nature, behaviour, positivity, masculinity etc. And there are so many things about men which annoy women and many womanly things that annoy men. However, women discuss, chatter and gossip the annoying things about men in their friends circle and men tend to ignore those annoying things. It’s true that men fall for attractive women with elegant and gorgeous looks, amazing hour glass shape figure, nice sense of humour and intelligence but ladies trust me there are a list of things about you that men really find unattractive and unappealing and they never ever reveal it you. Let’s get into the list..

1. Heavy makeup

Multilayered foundations, concealers and compact dust are only to hide your fine lines, wrinkles and flaws to improve your complexion and skin tone. Heavy makeup is totally worth it on your special days like wedding day, engagement, friend’s wedding, anniversary, parties and all. But men really appreciate to see you in minimal or without makeup being all natural. And to be honest, your makeup stains your man’s favourite white shirt.

2. Too much shimmering eye shadows and lipsticks

Well, looking beautiful and gorgeous is every girl’s and woman’s birth right. Makeup usually include foundations, compact, eye shadows, eye liners, mascara, lipsticks and lip glosses which are my and every woman’s weaknesses. But men usually prefer natural beauty and skin to look at and imagine some lovely and beautiful things about you. Just imagine how it would look like when your date would be turned into a clown after kissing and smooching you.

3. Complicating hairstyles

Sophisticated and complicated hairstyles are good for wedding days, photo session at studio or reunion parties. Men prefer simple and elegant hairstyles that are more eye pleasing, not complicated and non greasy or sticky for hair gels and hair sprays while playing with your dreadlocks.

4. Messy eye lashes

Gummed up lashes gets too messy as your mascara clumps in your lashes and looks ugly. So, your men looking at your eyes while trying to focus to imagine his beautiful future ultimately get stuck in your messy lashes and smudgy eyes.

5. Dry and rough skin

Men have a well set image for woman that we woman are always smooth, soft and tender to touch. But your patchy rough skin, dry heels, elbows and lips could really ruin that image and annoy men like anything. That doesn’t mean men fall for oily skin. Try to get a healthy skin tone not too dry and not too oily. Use shower gels, body creams and lotions after bath.

6. Unshaved body hair

Ugh! I hate it really. Repeated waxing, shaving, epilating hair is too strenuous. Men might find it annoying but waxing hair and shaving kills a lot of time. But to be true men love smooth and even skin. So, better take care of your body hairs, remove and shave it properly and regularly. Try to trim your unnecessary hairs with the help of epilators which are easily available in the stores.

7. Yellow teeth and bad breath

Okay this is not acceptable, I agree. Try to reduce the intake of coffee, black tea and stop smoking. Try to use mouth sprays and consult a dentist for getting extra white shade teeth.

8. Too much perfume

Men fall for women due to their sweet and tender aroma. Few drops of your favourite fragrance are enough to captivate your man, but too much of anything could be worse. Men get annoyed easily with strong aroma which hit all their senses really hard.

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9. Wrong lip liner shade

Your lip liner and your lipshade should match each other properly. Too dark lip liner could bring you embarrassment and annoy your date. After your romantic dinner date, when you wipe out your mouth your lip shade gets vanish and all that stays is your dark lip liner which is not attractive at all.

10. No touch ups in public

To be honest, men don’t want to see us how we make ourselves so beautiful and attractive. They love to wonder and imagine this whole secret. So, it’s better to let them wonder how we look effortlessly beautiful. And when you go for quick touch ups in the public you ruin it. Hence it’s better to complete all your grooming process at your home.

11. Belittling men

Men adore your and respect women, that doesn’t mean they don’t have any self respect. Making your men feel that they are stupid and silly in public or at your home hurts their self esteem. They might not say it on your face but they don’t like it to be corrected over anything they do. Just because men do things a little differently, that doesn’t mean that your way is the only right way.

12. Constant nagging

Men find it irritating. Constant nagging all day over simple and silly things that leaving the toilet seat up, keeping half empty bottles in the fridge, throwing soc on the floor make men annoying and disturbing. If you find something wrong then sit and talk rather nagging.

13. Loud talkers

Well, men don’t get attract towards those women who are too loud. Talking over phones in a real loud voice or conversing at your home loudly disturb men mostly and are hated my most men.

14. Negative attitude

Positive attitude and thoughts attract everyone. What could be more beautiful than a woman who is beautiful, smart and full of positive thoughts. Men mostly avoid women who are pessimist and full of negativity.

15. You know it all

It’s a common trait found in almost every women. I am not talking about myself of course. Okay…Women mostly act like they know everything and prove men wrong. They never accept that they might have less knowledge over few matters but no “MS. Know It All’s”.

16. Attention seekers

Well, sorry ladies to be true! There are some women who actually do silly things or do some weird things like bending forward to flaunt their cleavage or wear short dresses to show their skin to attract men or to grab their attention. But ladies, men find it real unattractive, please stop doing all these.

17. Jealous flames

Women who check their husband’s phone calls, texts, mails and galleries to find out whether there’s something fishy are the most annoying women according to men. You become so jealous that you intrude your husband’s space zone hurting his self respect.

18. Grabbing the remote control

Men don’t like women making all decisions all the time. Men have the decision making ability so they should be given a fair chance to decide, however a relationship is all about give and take. So there should be equality for both genders.

19. Getting drunk.

Drinking and hitting discs are not bad at all. But women should drink to a limit to be able to carry themselves. No men like it to see her woman or date to puke all her guts out and blabbering all bullshit on the trembling heels.

20. Deadlines

Women who give ultimatums to their husbands and partners like “If you don’t do it, it’s over” is something like ruling men’s ego and esteem. If you want anything go talk and communicate rather being too demanding.

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