10 Women Related Sex Myths That You Need To Know

Women Related Sex Myths That You Need To Know

Sex is something which is always preferred to be discussed behind closed doors. As this topic is so less discussed hence there are lots of misconceptions and myths related to it. There are lots of women related sex myths that has been followed and believed from a long time. Well, if you are feeling hesitant talking about sex to any of your friends or doctor, then feel free to browse the web and find some sex related forums and articles to resolve your misconceptions. However for your convenience I m writing this blog to drift all your sex related confusions, doubts and misconceptions away. Here are they..

1. Women don’t get pregnant during menstruation

The biggest ever women sex myth that I have been hearing from a very long time. Well, fellas, of course it’s not true. Sex during menstrual cycle can make women pregnant. The sperm ejected inside can stay alive for several days hence if you ovulate soon there are chances to expect a baby.

2. There is no such G spot

Every woman has got G-spot which when stimulated gives better orgasm and sex pleasure. But, if your women don’t feel anything by G-spot stimulation or if you trying to find out the G-spot better don’t waste your time, find some other arousal spots to give her real orgasm.

3. Women have no sexual issues

Like men, women also endure sexual issues like lack of orgasm, painful copulation or low arousal. If you find any trouble in your sex life consult a doctor.

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4. Menopause decreases sexual desire

Not very true as many women get sexual desire even after their menopause. The reasons might be due to no fear of getting pregnant or lack of stress. So, menopause doesn’t decreases sex arousal.

5. Women don’t watch porn

Really? Who said this? I don’t want to reveal my secret but believe me every woman or girl love to watch porn. They enjoy watching erotic images, sex arousal positions, moaning sounds exactly like men do.

6. Withdrawal method avoids pregnancy

Not always, to be true. Pulling out before climax doesn’t helps everytime. A single drop of semen is enough to make women pregnant. Pre-ejaculation can work in wonders sometime. So, better get a secured protection.

7. Married sex is safe

Married sex is not always safe. Think again! If your partner would have multiple sexual partners before marriage then there are brighter chances of sexual transmitted diseases.

8. Women make noise only when they enjoy it

Not exactly because there are some women who are more silent. Women usually get to the climax with high vocal but some only get faster breath but still enjoy the sexual pleasure immensely. So, screaming while sex is not always necessary.

9. Vaginal sex only gives better orgasm

This is a very common myth that has been believed by many people. It’s not true that women only enjoy the orgasm or get better orgasm with vaginal sex. There are other sources too, like fisting and vibrators.

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10. Women want less sex than men

Totally a myth. Sex is a need of human body like food. And this need is equal in men and women. If you think your woman want sex less than you, then I think you need to surprise her in a wild way.

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