Apple iPhone 7 – Giving You The Best iPhone Experience Ever

iPhone 7 Experience

Apple iPhones have been a rage among people of all age groups and has been serving as a status symbol for many. Being pitched as the premium smartphone, the newly launched iPhone 7 comes loathed with more aristocratic features that catapult the whole iPhone experience dramatically. With more advanced camera systems, greater battery life, outstanding stereo speakers, more colourful Apple iPhone display and splash and water resistance, what you experience is more dynamic and robust performing chic smartphone from the brand that has been redefining the awesomeness a phone could offer.

Features & Specifications:

  1. Design

Apple iPhone 7

Offered in two trims, the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus flaunts beautiful matte black finish and a deep, high gloss jet black finish, respectively. The 4.7 inch iPhone 7 and 5.5 inch iPhone 7 Plus models are made from strong 7000 series aluminium and are also available in iPhone’s signature gold, silver and rose gold finishes. The Apple iPhone 7 is reengineered to be its first phone to host the water and splash resistance feature. Also in store is the all new Home button that is designed to be responsive, durable and pressure sensitive and Touch ID, which is an advanced fingerprint sensor to make unlocking the phone easy and secure.

  1. Camera

Apple iPhone 7

Already enjoying the popularity for its top notch camera quality, the iPhone 7 comes re-tweaked to make your photos and videos look lively and colourful even in low light conditions. The iPhone 7 comes with optical image stabilisation (OIS) for minimising the blurriness while capturing motions. The 12 MP iPhone camera comes with f/1.8 aperture that works in tandem with six element lens to allow 50 percent more light into the camera sensor to ensure superb, detailed and bright looking photos in low light also. With Quad-LED true tone flash, your photos get the right amount of light as the flash automatically adjusts to the colour temperature of the environment. iPhone 7 is a delight for the selfie lovers as it comes with a high resolution 7 MP FaceTime HD camera with Retina Flash to guarantee you sharper and gorgeous selfies.

The iPhone 7 Plus gets entirely two new cameras that shoot as one. Having the same 12 MP wide angle camera like iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Plus works with a 12 MP telephoto camera that has higher quality zoom to get more depth in your portrait shots.

  1. Video Quality

The darker settings in iPhone 7 lets you shoot professionally sharp and vibrant videos, thanks to the inclusion optical image stabilisation and the all new f/1.8 aperture. High resolution video up to 4K can be easily captured with the 12 MP camera and advanced features like Slo-mo video and Time-lapse video make your video memorable.

  1. Retina HD Display

Apple iPhone 7 Screen Clarity

The iPhone 7 has definitely the brightest and most colourful display that lets your phone come to life. iPhone 7 uses the same colour display technology like the digital cinema industry and hence you get brilliant looking photos, videos, messages, news, etc. The Retina HD display makes use of the best colour management and has 3D touch that lets you enjoy playing with your phone with the subtle taps, thereby making the interaction with your phone more responsive.

  1. Performance & Battery Life

Apple iPhone 7 has been equipped with a robust and high performance chip, which is faster and efficient than any other chip embedded in other iPhones. The iPhone 7 comes with A10 Fusion chip that is designed to offer faster processing while consuming less power. The A10 Fusion chip has the all new four core design with two high performance and two high efficiency cores to guarantee you impeccable performance at all times. Get more time between the charges as the A10 Fusion chip gives you the advantage of 2 extra hours in iPhone 7 and 1 extra hour in iPhone 7 Plus, giving the longest life to your phone batteries. The iPhone 7 has double the capacity of the iPhone 6S and is available in 32 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB variants to let you add and use more apps, create and store more photos and videos.  

  1. New Stereo Speaker System

Apple iPhone 7

For the very first time, the iPhone 7 has been loaded with highly advanced stereo speakers to dynamically enhance the experience while listening to music, watching videos or taking phone calls on speakerphone. Apple iPhone 7 comes with highly revolutionary EarPods that have Lightning Connector. Apple has introduced new AirPods in iPhone 7 crafted with innovative technology to give a 360 degree transformation to your listening experience. These tiny piece of wireless earphones ensure crystal clear sound to let you surf in altogether different world.

  1. Wi-Fi & Cellular

iPhone 7 hosts LTE Advanced having speeds ranging up to 450 Mbps for quicker data downloads. For best worldwide roaming, Apple iPhone 7 is accessible to more LTE bands letting you travel without worries. iPhone 7 supports Voice over LTEs to make your conversations sound clearer and crispier just like any face to face conversation. In case you are unable to get cellular service, Wi-Fi calling resolves your issue allowing you to receive calls over a Wi-Fi connection.

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