Benefits and Drawbacks Of Consuming Beer

Drawbacks Of Consuming Beer

The malty beverage beer which is always avoided by health conscious people due to its high calorie content. Calorie count range of light beers is approximately 100 calories while Old English High Gravity Malt style beer has got 220 calories per serving. However the high intake of those calorie loaded beers could lead to a big fat beer belly. But besides all these consciousness, moderate beer consumption is actually healthy and good for you. Science has now come up with some real surprising health benefits of consuming beer moderately which means one drink per day for women and two for men. Now to change your perception towards beer about its advantages and disadvantages, here are they..


1. Reduces risk of heart disease

The recent study at Italy found out that people who consumed one small glass of beer daily had 31% reduced chance of heart disease, this is because beer contains natural antioxidants called phenols. But meanwhile, the higher intake of beer can increase the risk oh heart diseases.

2. Rich in Vitamin B

Beer is rich in Vitamin B from the yeast. The unfiltered beer is very much high in vitamin B3, B6 and folic acid i.e. vitamin B9. Vitamin B3 repair cells, B6 eases PMS and folic acid prevents colon cancer.

3. Protects from Alzheimer’s disease

The Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine researched that the moderate beer drinkers have 23% reduced chance of developing different forms of dementia, cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s. That is because the presence of silicon in beer protects the brain from the harmful effects of aluminium present in the body which causes Alzheimer’s disease.

4. Good for mental health

According to the studies of New England Journal of Medicine beer enhances mental health, preserves mental acuity and enhanced memory power especially in older women who drink beer moderately.

5. High in fiber

Beer is rich in fibre which acts like a natural laxative. It slows down the rate of food leaving your stomach which suppresses your appetite and prevents overeating.

6. Reduced risk of diabetes

According to Harvard study, the middle aged men who had 2 drinks per day had 25% less chance of getting the risk of type 2 diabetes. That is because the alcohol content in the beer increases the insulin activity preventing diabetes.

7. Reduces stress level

One glass of beer a day keeps heart attacks and stress away. Moderate consumption of alcohol a day reduces the stress and anxiety level which means 12 ounces per day for women and 24 ounces for men.

8. Has anti-microbial properties

The anti-microbial properties present in beer helps to fight disease and create strong immunity.

9. Lowers the risk of developing gallstones

Beer reduces bad cholesterol and hence lowers the risk of developing gallstones which are made up of cholesterol, bile and other products which creates pain in the stomach.

10. Prevents kidney stones

Moderate beer consumption reduces the risk of kidney stones up to 50%. The 93% of beer is high water content which helps to flush out all the body toxins to keep kidneys work properly.

11. Good for bone density

Beer keeps your bones strong. Moderate consumption of alcohol increase the bone density and excess intake leads to bone loss.

12. Minimizes the risk of cancer

Beer contains certain antioxidants names as xanthohumol which has powerful anti-cancer properties which checks the formation of cancer causing enzymes in the body. Moderate consumption of beer reduces the risk of prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women.

13. Reduces cholesterol levels

Moderate beer consumption reduces cholesterol level in the body.The barley which is used in the brewing of beer contains a soluble fiber known as beta-glucans which helps in lowering the cholesterol level.

14. Manages blood pressure

According to the Harvard study women between the age of 25-40 who consumed moderate amount of beer a day had reduced chances of suffering high blood pressure than those who consumed alcohol on a regular basis.

15. Controls dandruff

Beer is rich in yeast and Vitamin B which helps to fight dandruff all naturally. To get more shiny and healthy hair without dandruff you could rinse your hair with a bottle of beer twice a week.

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1. Beer Belly

The presence of calories in beer makes it little unhealthy. Heavy intake of beer causes abdominal obesity in men which is called beer belly.

2. Increased blood pressure

Heavy intake of beer that 40 g of alcohol per day can be harmful by increasing the blood pressure.

Beer contains powerful stimulants of gastric acid secretion which causes gastroesophageal reflux and heart burn.

3. Impairment of driving skills

Even small amount of alcohol can affect your driving skills or motor skills.

4. Dehydration and Intoxication

Alcohol has got dehydrating agent that reduces activity of the central nervous system. Heavy intake of beer cause dehydration, intoxication and hangover.

5. Causes fatigue

Excess of alcohol present in beer causes fall in blood sugar level rapidly, stimulates your appetite, causes fatigue by affecting your energy level.

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