Best Mineral Water Brand in India?

One of the most important needs for every individual in their everyday life is water. Drinking pure water plays a vital role in keeping one healthy. Its impossible to carry our own water bottles every time.

Hence, we go for packaged mineral water bottles. Earlier, there is only one brand available in the market i.e. Bisleri, which is pure, hygienic and tastes good.

In present market, there are a lot number of brands of mineral water available namely, Bisleri, Kinley, Aquafina, Himalayan, Bailey, Kingfisher and Tata Water Plus etc. Some brands are good in supplying tasty pure mineral water but some brands are going in a commercial way, thereby failing to supply tasty pure mineral water. They are not meeting the needs of the customers. Customers, even by paying the good amount on mineral water are not satisfied with the taste and quality of water available in the markets these days.

Lets check out which brand is best in terms of trust, quality, taste and worth.


Bisleri, the popular brand that has explored the concept of mineral water and today exists in every household need. Quality is what, makes Bisleri the largest brand of mineral water in India. Every drop of Bisleri undergoes rigorous 6-step purification process, giving clean and germfree water to every person at INR 20 per litre.


Kinley mineral water gives you the assurance of safety from The Coca-Cola Company. Kinley which is manufactured under reverse –osmosis process, along with the latest technology of purification safeguard the purity of the product, as their motto is providing pure and safe drinking water. Kinley comes at INR 15 per litre.


Aquafina is a purified mineral packaged drinking water brand produced by PepsiCo. Aquafina undergoes through 5 steps of state of the art filtration process comprising sand filtration, activated carbon filtration, UV treatment, reverse osmosis and ozonization process. Aquafina packaged drinking water market price is INR 18 per litre.


Sparkling Himalayan natural mineral water is a premium brand with wellness of natural minerals comes at INR 50 per litre.


Bailley, bottled drinking water, since 1993 has been the ideogram of purity under Parle Agro. It is extensively preferred as a source of safe drinking water. Bailley is packaged and manufactured in state-of-the-art bottling plants all over India. The motto is proving the customers full satisfaction and safe drinking water at INR 18 per litre.


Kingfisher packaged drinking water is being manufactured under parameters as by BIS as well as that of United Breweries Ltd. It holds expertise in providing packaged drinking water, which is highly approved for its purity and safe to consume. It is available in 1 Litre packaged bottles which costs INR 20 per litre.

Tata Water Plus

India’s first nutrient water which was launched by NourishCo a joint venture between Tata Global Beverages Limited and PepsiCo has normal taste of water with the goodness of minerals and nutrients like Zinc and Copper.  The brown label on the water bottle is the symbol of Indian tradition which insights that people used copper vessels to store water because of its health benefits. Tata Water Plus is available in 1 litre bottle which prices INR 20.

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