12 Tips To Deal With Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

Deal With Morning Sickness During PregnancyPregnancy is an important and great phase in a woman’s life. It’s the phase where all emotions excitement, fear, confusion, joy, thrill hits a woman altogether due to which she undergoes several emotional and physical changes. Talking about physical changes, there are some symptoms usually all women have or have to experience such as nausea, migraine, specific food cravings, morning sickness, swelling of feet, stretch marks, putting on some weight, over enlarged tummy and many more. However, 70% of women experience morning sickness which is known to be the first sign that you’re soon going to be a mom. Morning sickness usually means feeling queasy and urge to vomit, however this symptom doesn’t last for entire nine months and is nothing difficult to deal with. However, this feeling can make anyone exhausted and exasperated. Morning sickness usually lasts up to 11 to 14 weeks of pregnancy which means when you hit 5 months of your pregnancy your feeling of nausea would be gone. Now, here are some quick relaxing tips to deal with morning sickness during pregnancy.

1. Stay well hydrated

Staying well hydrated during pregnancy is very essential as your body is working extra to nourish a new life, which means your body might get dehydrated making your feel nausea and sick. Drinking enough water can relieve morning sickness.

2. Smell lemons and roses

Fresh aroma works wonder when it’s about nausea. Nausea not only makes you feel like puking but also leaves you exhausted. Sniffing some fresh scents such as lemons, roses, peach leaves peppermint can actually help you deal with morning sickness during pregnancy.

3. Keep eating in small portions

“Food cravings” during pregnancy is one of the most amazing symptoms which help you eat your favourite foods. However, pregnancy is unlike your normal days hence needs extra care and attention. You need to eat frequently in very small portions to avoid nausea. You can try nuts, apples, watermelons, pretzels to change the mood of your taste buds.

4. Try acupressure

Therapies like acupressure or acupuncture can be really beneficial in early pregnancy to cope with morning sickness. This therapy uses little gentle pressure or tiny needles that target certain nerve centres to alleviate discomfort which is very effective in a non-invasive way.

5. Eat more protein rich foods

Munching more on protein rich foods such as nuts, yogurt, eggs are highly rich in vitamin B that inhibit the effect of nausea making it easier for you to deal with morning sickness during pregnancy. Try to avoid, fatty, acidic, fried, spicy foods as they trigger nausea.

6. Track your morning sickness in a diary

Well, it’s not like a “Dear Diary” rather it would be a notebook to keep a very close track on your morning sickness. The timing of feeling nausea, foods taken before feeling nausea, duration of the feeling etc which helps you to avoid all those factors that trigger or might trigger the feeling of dizziness and nausea.

7. Eat cold meals rather than hot ones

Eating cold meals are much better than eating hot ones as fresh cooked food smell trigger the feeling of puking. Some women also feel nausea on getting the smell of cooking especially rice, milk. So try eating cold foods not refrigerated of course for few weeks until the morning sickness passes.

8. Stay busy

Keeping yourself busy and distracted is very important when you’re pregnant. However, doctors and health experts these days advice all women to take more and more rest during pregnancy which is well and good but in ancient times females used to work hard especially their house chores which helped them to stay busy and distracted from all these common pregnancy symptoms which actually helped them to deliver their babies normally.

9. Wear comfortable loose clothes

Tight, skinny and skimpy clothes can make you uncomfortable during pregnancy which blocks your natural breathing process increasing the stress level making you feel nauseated. The best way to deal with morning sickness during pregnancy is wearing loose, breathable, comfortable clothes that could easily ventilate air throughout your body.

10. Respect your cravings

Sudden urge of eating icecream at 3 O’clock in the morning is kind of a big trouble for your husband but never ignore it. Accept your cravings no matter what time it is, it always makes you feel good and relaxes your body muscles, nerves and senses inhibiting the feel of nausea and dizziness.

11. Adjust your computer screen

You might think surfing, watching movies can help you to stay distracted from your irritating symptoms of pregnancy but your computers bright screen can have an undetectable strobe effect on your senses to make you feel sick and nauseated. You can change the font size to bold and larger changing the background image to something soft pink or tan shade.

12. Take enough rest

Enough rest during pregnancy is important too. 3-4 extra hours of sleep during day time is no bad for your baby and your health. It can also help you to alleviate the feeling of morning sickness and dizziness during early pregnancy.

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