Anushka Sharma’s Classic and Seductive Photoshoot for 2016 Filmfare Magazine August Cover

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Anushka Sharma 2016

Anushka Sharma who is a popular Indian film actress and producer is now seems to be unstoppable regarding her acting career. The 28 years old remarkable actress who is quite famous and familiar due to her super slim figure always manages to be in the limelight. Be it her success in the box office, or her lip job issue or even her break up with ex-beau Virat Kohli, this Ayodhya born beauty knows how to tackle the paparazzi and their questions on her personal life. ‘Sultan’ actress never feels coy for flaunting her beauty and boldness for any issue. Anushka looking super seductive and classy in her latest 2016 Filmfare Magazine August Cover photoshoot in which she is resembling a serene queen lost in her own charm. She has posed in several classic outfits perfectly and carrying herself flawlessly. Let’s take a quick look.

Filmfare Magazine August 2016

Anushka Sharma donned in a black pencil skirt and a retro strips designed brocade jacket over a flattering short cropped top ruffling her dreadlocks accessorized with a waist belt and bracelets giving a seductive look.

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