Anushka Sharma’s Top 10 Hot Looks

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Bollywood’s slim fit actress Anushka Sharma has gone through an amazing makeover to enhance her looks and style. Anushka Sharma who was missing in action for a little while is back again with a new style quotient and a lip job. She not only carries herself effortlessly but also has signed new ventures in her pipeline. Anushka’s style quotient has inspired many young girls as she always keep experimenting her looks and attire. Here are some of the best looks of Anushka Sharma. Let’s have a look.

1. Anushka Sharma in Hot Nivea Ad

Anushka Sharma in Hot Nivea Ad

Anushka has donned a blue bikini showing the essence of her back with updo hair style. Her bikini blue lace is complimenting her smooth sheer bikini light blue caftan cover up.

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