Climb The Ladder To Success In The Bill Gates Way

Success In The Bill Gates Way

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft is a man of foresight who causes things to occur by building systems larger than himself and motivating people to accompany him on legendary adventures to transform the world. He neither seeks fame nor fortune, though he possesses both but is a creator of impact. His aim is to reduce inequalities on earth with the aid of technology.

Some of the inspirational lessons to be learnt from this master of life game are:

1. Transform the world, or head for home

The small sign on many Microsoft doors shows the blue monster with the message: “Change the world, or go home.” It reveals the manner in which Bill Gates lives his life. He strives to create a nicer world, be it a single version, platform, system, idea or innovation. The beauty lies in his ability to scale & magnify his impact in strong ways which places him at the top of the game.

2. Light the trail

The road isn’t present at all times and sometimes you have to construct it. Often people will take you to be crazy and occasionally you are slightly in front of the curve. Your dream is for a cause and it requires an all out effort on your part to get there. Bill Gates’ belief was that the future lies in PC and every desktop or living room should possess it which would improve our work and life in an unimaginable manner.

3. Produce an impact

Bill Gates selects options which are guided by impact. Whether he is pursuing his passion or financing towards a cause the factor driving his actions is impact. He doesn’t perform actions just for the sake of it but on account of their importance and his ability to scale them.

4. Believer of level playing field

Bill has great faith in equal value of lives. He believes in helping those who can’t help themselves and that everyone deserves to live the best life. In his Harvard speech he emphasized the need for applying the discoveries of humanities biggest advances to decrease inequity.

5. Move fast with the times

The quick paced marketplace demands prompt action from your end; otherwise you’ll be out of the race. In Gate’s words “Unless you’re running scared all the time, you’re gone.”

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6. The market doesn’t always play Mr. Right

Bill in his TED discourses holds the view that the market doesn’t always push men like inventors, speakers and administration to follow the right path and only by gathering the caring community can we make the much needed headway.

7. Cultivate Your Values

Making the world know about yourself transforms you into a blazing rod that draws like-minded people. During his stint at Microsoft, Bill Gates accumulated passionate people having the urge to alter the world and accompanying him in the task of improving lives with the aid of technology and invention.

8. Mingling with the right crowd makes your best becoming better

Do not proceed all by yourself. You bring in a higher quality when surrounded with proper persons. Bill Gates nurtured a culture of having the finest and brilliant persons around him and was able to convince his friends like Paul Allen & Ballmer to team up with him on his endeavors. Being in the company of such smart men, Bill was able to resonate his thoughts as it evolved greatly from the mix of such sharp minds and their views.

9. You perish if you don’t innovate

Innovation is the master key in the business world. You have to keep on innovating whether it is your products, processes or markets. Bill employs innovation for creating impact both in software designing and preserving the planet.

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10. Develop an ecosystem

Bill believes personal computing to be a rich ecosystem containing huge PC oriented data banks, notebook & Tablet PCs, hand operated gadgets besides smart cellphones. He lays stress on building partnerships at the initial stage for such ecosystem.

11. You don’t have to be the first winner

Bill is of the opinion that by engaging in low-end products and improving them he has reconstructed the IT industry into a tool for individuals.

12. The most essential feedback is the ones you hate to hear

Always listen to your hardest critics. To quote Bill Gates “your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

Bill’s vision of building a digital landscape, an information highway for achieving near equity whereby equality prevails in the virtual world is indeed a worthy one.


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