16 Effective Ways To Obtain Peace Of Mind

Effective Ways To Obtain Peace Of Mind

Life is simple but we humans make it way too complicated. Complications in life erode peace of mind and soul. Peace of mind is a state of mental and emotional calmness without any stress, anxiety, worries or fears. Whatever soothes our mind, our senses and our soul is the factor that brings peace. Peace of mind is very crucial to lead a happy and blissful life. Peace of mind keeps us all going. But, this ultra technological world has faded away the peace from our lives from every aspect, be it social or be it personal, there are many things that diverts our mind and inhibits the presence of peace of mind. You don’t have to go very far in search of peace and harmony as I have come up with some effective ways to obtain peace of mind. Let’s get started.

1. Be honest and true to yourself

Being true to yourself is very important as you will never be ashamed of yourself. Doing this will make you confident and loyal.

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2. Spend some lone time

Devote at least 10 minutes to yourself everyday, to figure out where did you commit mistakes, how to did you behave and how could you improve yourself.

3. Try to be generous and kind

Being generous and kind to others will make you feel good and satisfied. This will make you love yourself. Show kindness to others without any expectation.

4. Learn to forgive others

Never hold on to negative and ill feelings as this makes your mind unstable and deprived of sleep. Lack of sleep and unbalanced mind could never gain peace.

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5. Be patient

Being patient increases tolerance capacity and calms your mind. You mind becomes more balanced and stable.

6. Focus your mind

When you will learn focus your mind you could easily discard negative thoughts, fears, worries and anxieties which will fill you with positive thoughts.

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7. Let one of your unrealistic desires go

Write down all your unrealistic desires and let one of them go. You will find yourself more free and light.

8. Write your thoughts

Write down all your thoughts, whatever comes to your mind randomly until you go totally blank.

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9. Count while breathing

Breathe in, in four counts, hold your breath with four counts and exhale in four counts. This will enhance your mind stability and will make you stress free.

10. Focus more on present

No need of crying over past as this will increase frustration and stress and no need of worrying about future as we never what’s gonna happen next. So, live in future. Make it perfect and give your 100%. You will attain mental peace naturally.

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11. Permit yourself to do nothing

Sometimes doing nothing relaxes us much more. Allow yourself to take a break and no nothing for a while.

12. Get a best scenic place

Find out the best scenic place near to your residence with ultimate scenic beauty which soothes you more. And spend at least 2 hours a weak there.

13. Do charity

Helping others, doing charity work will give you an inner peace. It doesn’t matter if you pay 5 rupees even to a person, but make it a habit.

14. Be happy with what you have

You have a shelter, nice clothes to wear, hygienic food to eat which are still some people’s desire to get. So never complain about what you don’t have rather appreciate and be happy with what you have got.


15. Detach yourself from technology

NO laptops, NO phones, NO iPads, or iPods, NO television. Go outside find a safe and clean natural place lie down and take deep breaths. Feel the nature get yourself lost in the nature’s smell, feel and air.


16. Do meditate

Meditation wakes up your inner knowledge and conscience. It makes you feel relaxed and soothes your mind. It brings the ultimate peace of mind.

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