Failure Is a Gift From God

Failure Is a Gift

Trust me, there are no failures in this world. There are only experiences good or bad and our reaction to them. If it’s a good experience, we name it success and if it’s a bad one, that’s failure for us. Failures and success really don’t exist. They are just like our daily events, like going for a shopping, getting fired by our bosses, going on a holiday, losing a cricket match and lots more. Now, these events are totally neutral. They are filled with colours, only by the way we retort to them. If we get ‘A’ grade in examinations, we feel so happy that we think it’s a success and we lose a cricket match or anything, we feel bad, embarrassed, gloomy and take it as failure. The feelings what comes in our mind accepting the bad events as failure twist us up and lay us down. ‘Stupid’, ‘Useless’, ‘Irresponsible’, ‘Talentless’ all negative artefacts just keep revolving in our mind, and it’s real hard to block them.

Feeling bad after failures is totally unavoidable. Yes, it is because we are human beings. Emotions rule our mind. But, there’s a way out and that is changing your thoughts towards failures which needs creativity and boldness. This can make you strong towards the low feeling emerged from failures. And, finally fighting against your feelings will turn to your habit say it the neutral way of looking into the happenings. Don’t let fear come to your mind and heart towards failure. Take it as a gift from God. Don’t stop expecting failures in your life, as that can create a negative effect on your mind.

Now let’s focus on some benefits of Failure:

1. Make it a part of your Life

Even if you start living a safe life, failure still going to find us. We can’t hide from failure. Better accept it, make it a part of your life. Gradually you will be used to it. After this, you automatically will find peace in your life. Don’t panic or fear. It happens to everyone.

2. Failure gives you courage to try again

Remember, when we all were small kids, we used to repeat and repeat one thing, be it a game, or a puzzle, or riding bicycle, whatever, until we get the happy and good feeling about it. That means, we were trying again and again to find the proper event that gave us happy and satisfied feeling. So we were so stubborn at our childhood days, then why not now?

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3. Failure teaches us something

Every failure that comes to our life, comes with an absolute free lesson to us. That, gives you the true introduction to your efforts, forgiveness, or friendship or relations, overconfident anything it may be. Well, life doesn’t come with an user manual. So we have the full authorization to make mistakes, get into the failures and learn according to that.

4. Failure makes you strong

Yes, when we get know about the lessons from the failures, we become aware of our strength and weakness. So, when we know our weakness, I guess that will make you more strong and more aware of mistakes.

5. Failure stretches you

When something worst happens, you don’t have to be scared of that. There are many failures that you all have already confronted, did anything change? You are still living. Alive totally, didn’t kill you, didn’t took away your loved ones from you. So, why fearing it? Rather face it, if you know what will happen if you fail, you know what to lose if you fail, then face it.

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