Know How Your Sleeping Position Reflects Your Attitude

Sleeping Position vs Attitude

Though we are hardly sure if we sleep in one position all night long, but it is true that if we try to sleep in a position other than our regular one, then we have a difficult time falling asleep. By dusk, we start feeling exhausted, physically and mentally, and thereby, at night we just want to enjoy a rejuvenating sleep in a comfortable position.

Medical studies have found that our sleeping pattern and position is co-related to our health and long term wellness. Scientific researches suggest that sleeping on your left side can significantly improve the functioning of the heart. But have you ever thought that our sleeping position can actually reveal about our opinions and behaviour?

Besides from this health point of view, your sleeping positions reflect your behavioural traits such as your specific characteristics, attitude towards life and relationships, loyalty, etc. Some people who are under constant mental stress or who are very creative or who love to live a carefree life have their unique sleeping positions. Though these are based on largely accepted assumptions, still if you want to know some fun facts, read on how your sleeping position reflects your attitude:

  1. Hugging Something To Fall Asleep

Sleeping Position Reflects Your Attitude

Many people have this habit of hugging soft toys or pillows while sleeping. They feel comfortable and secure when they have the warm hugging feeling. These people crave for love and care from others, even though they get it or not. They love to make new friends and prefer loyalty in every relationship they have. They are contented with their life and are not money-minded.

  1. Sleeping On Your Stomach

Sleeping Position Reflects Your Attitude

These people who love to sleep on their stomachs are child at heart and they are fun loving. They try to be humble and nice towards others. They don’t say no to people who genuinely require their help. They are emotional people and find it difficult to articulate themselves to hid their emotions from being displayed. However, their mocking behaviour attracts some enemies too.

  1. Sleeping On The Sides

Sleeping Position Reflects Your Attitude

People who prefer sleeping on the sides are ones who desire peace in life and they are willing to do things that make their ambience peaceful. They are emotional and value relationships with their loved ones. They are sensitive towards others and speak their heart out without hurting others. But they find it difficult to trust people easily.

  1. Snoring While Sleeping

Sleeping Position Reflects Your Attitude

People who snore while sleeping can be intellectual people and they love to put their brain’s 100 percent to any work they undertake. They are known for their creativity and they believe in doing things that generate optimum results. They are active and they long to spend their time productively. They believe in hard and smart working and therefore, they sleep tight at night.

  1. Sleeping In ‘Attention’ Position

Sleeping Position Reflects Your Attitude

In this position, a person prefers to sleep straight while facing the roof and people who sleep this way are generally introvert or reserved. They are less social and avoid crowding places. They feel easier to talk to people whom they know very well. They find it difficult to mingle with new people. They however, have superiority complex and are confident about their knowledge and skills. They work with dedication and can pull off leadership roles with poise.

  1. Sleeping While Curving Leg Till Chest

Sleeping Position Reflects Your Attitude

This is the most common sleeping position, especially among women. Sleeping on the sides while curving the legs inwards can be a sign that the person’s mind is filled with insecurities and stress. These people over-think about circumstances and the uncertain future creates a tension in their minds owing to which they sleep in this position. Even medical studies suggest that women are easy prey to mood swings and anxiety issues and therefore, this position is their most preferred sleeping pose.

  1. Sleeping While Reading

Sleeping Position Reflects Your Attitude

People who like reading before sleeping are the ones who want to eliminate stress from their lives. In order to combat the rising stress in their minds, they prefer to divert their focus by reading books. They believe that reading books will help in bringing the much required peace in their life. However, this stress makes them bit unapproachable and they may be sometimes offensive towards others.

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