Here’s How Your Thought Process Can Take You Towards Depression

Depression Thought Process

Our mind enjoys the freedom to travel into various horizons and sometimes circumstances or outburst of emotions lead our mind towards negative thinking. One moment before we were full of energy and positivity and the next moment, we are upset and feeling hopeless to such an extent that thinking rationally becomes almost impossible for our mind. Instead of continuing the earlier feeling of accomplishment and happiness, we now find ourselves struggling with our limitations and here we even start playing the blame game.

The feeling of being upset further intensifies and we start feeling disconnected, helpless, extremely confused and we even start perceiving that there is no path ahead to revive from the situation. If you often find your mind thinking this way, then these are probably signs of depression.

Everyone has to face their own share of adverse circumstance and has to deal with their own struggles. But you don’t need to divert your mind’s focus into negative zones that are non-productive. In fact, once you start thinking so low of yourself or a situation, your mind will gradually become habituated of thinking in such retrogressive manner. There are numerous people who have successfully recovered from depression but keep in mind that recovery is not a guarantee that you won’t suffer from depression again.

Even after recovery, depression may relapse giving you a bitter taste of the suffering as it starts from bit of mood swings, low self-confidence, inertia, self-loathing, lack of will, unable to control emotions, etc. In order to save yourself from depression, you must be able to recognise the ways to understand and manage your emotions and reactions and for better understanding, read how your thought process can take you towards depression:

  1. Thinking When Something Bad Happens, Worse Will Follow

Many times, our mind gets so disappointed by the negative results that we start losing confidence and start predicting worse situations. Instead of working out to ensure that the mistakes are not repeated, our mind starts focusing on how mismanaged we are or we are bound to do it again.

  1. You Cannot Tolerate Anything Less Than Perfection

In a bid to achieve perfection, you may keep evaluating yourselves by allotting marks, which is either 0 or 10 on 10. You don’t want to mark yourselves anything between 0 and 10. This is why if you are unsatisfied with your work or your efforts fail to generate desired results and then you start considering yourself as a dumb.

  1. Jumping Into Conclusions Without Rational Thinking

Your mind sometimes feels trained to jump into negative thinking. Instead of keeping up hope and positivity, your mind automatically falls prey to negative psychology and you start discouraging yourself without any logical basis.

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  1. Feeling Emotionally Low

Your approach is utterly negative when you take a peek into your future only to find yourself in unending darkness. Once you start viewing things this way, then your mind cannot be stopped from fearing about failures. Your mental ability to accept challenges diminishes. This kind of emotional downs may hamper your social behaviour and relationships too.

  1. Finding Negativity In Positive Circumstances

It is actually the tendency to find negativity in positive circumstances that further triggers negative thoughts. Even after attaining great results, many people have the tendency to ignore the sense of accomplishment and rather focus on thinking how behind they were in comparison to others in performing the task.

  1. Destroying The Positive Results

This is a step ahead in the way of finding negativity in positive circumstances. In this, the person’s mind that is already distracted with pessimistic approach and regressive thinking, starts converting a positive experience into a negative one. The whole sense of achievement gets converted into a feeling of complete failure when the mind starts blaming self for not being able to attain perfection in other arenas.

  1. Disappointed With Your Past

Sometimes during aloneness, all your mind does is going on a flashback to see what a disaster your life has been and how the world doesn’t need you. You get disappointed thinking of all the unfortunate things happened in the past and you even start imagining how your life could have been if you had not committed those regretful mistakes.

  1. Magnifying Our Faults & Disregarding Our Successes

The tendency to magnify our faults and disregarding our successes makes our mind dwell in the valley of negativity. Being disappointed with your skills and abilities further stimulate your mind to think that you make big mistakes while you have attained very less in life.

  1. Labelling Yourself

You may frequently find yourself labelling yourself with tags like ‘loser’, ‘not smart enough’, ‘undeserving’, ‘unlucky’, etc. This way of thinking causes a steep fall in self-confidence and self-worth and you may find it difficult to continue with your routine tasks with energy and enthusiasm.

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  1. Getting Embarrassed or Considering Yourself Guilty For Everything

Even when everything is moving on right track, many people have the tendency to think that a small mistake of theirs is a matter of guilty or it may cause them embarrassment in front of others. Though no one has ever noticed this mistake of yours, but the sense of guilt and embarrassment makes you feel low and depressed.

How To Overcome This Kind Of Depressive Thinking?

Many people resort to rehabilitation centres or other kind of medical treatments to overcome depression. But no solution is permanent because the true solution lies within yourself. You must train your psychology in a way that you are able to detect your mood swings. You need to start understanding how your mood shifts or how your reactions are based when you are stuck in a situation.

There are major lifestyle changes such as meditation, regular exercising, sleep for 7 to 8 hours at a stretch, etc that you need to inculcate in your life to conquer control over your mind. Your mind should be let free like a bird but when it starts penetrating into negative or black zones that deteriorate your mental health, then protecting it should become your prime duty. Start reading motivational books, watch inspirational videos regularly, spend more time with friends and family, ditch your job if it distorts your mind and think of life as a precious gift. Your motto in life must be to achieve happiness for yourself and for people you love. For this you need to transform your thought process, develop self-confidence and start having faith in your abilities.

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