Lesser Known Hymen Myths

Hymen Facts

Women’s virginity has always been a hush-hush subject with numerous misconceptions and myths. Many people even women themselves have several beliefs about the virginity mostly related to their vagina and hymen which are nothing but the myths. Many people have different misconceptions about women virginity especially men for which they end up making several blunders while having sex or on the idea of having sex. Hence, it’s essential to come out of such false beliefs and myths related to women virginity. Let’s get into the list of most common and lesser known hymen myths.

First lovemaking causes pain and bleeding in woman’s vagina

Men believe that on first sex women bleed and they experience pain down their vagina due to the rupture of hymen. But the fact is every woman is different and so do their body features. It is not necessary for every woman to bleed on having first time sex. Some even do not feel that intense pain, however irritation is quite common.

Every woman is born with a hymen in her vagina

It is commonly believed by both men and women that all women are born with a hymen which is totally a false belief. Some women are born without hymen which means they endure no bleeding and pain while their first ever sex.

Hymen gets broken only after having sex

Admit it or not, but every man believes that women’s hymen gets broken only after having sex which means on penetrating their male sex organ into the vagina causes hymen rupture. However, it’s simply a myth. Hymen gets broken by several other activities such as horse riding, cycling, jumping, running or even masturbating. Some women even lose their virginity on inserting tampons during their menstruation.

Bleeding implies woman’s virginity

Men usually believe that if a woman bleeds on first sex, it means she was a virgin. But I think you guys need a little correction. Bleeding might be due to the stress over vaginal tissues and rough or forceful sex. Even women who are not virgin, bleed when they endure forceful sex.

Hymen is a membrane to be penetrated

People think hymen is a circular membrane through which the penetration while sex occurs but the fact is hymen is just a thin layer like a sheet above the vaginal opening which gets stretched a little bit on penetration causing the rupture of the tissues.

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Hymen is the reason behind bleeding while having sex

Totally a myth! Hymen doesn’t causes bleeding while having sex however, the breakage of tissues around it and the vaginal opening causes bleeding depending upon the intensity of penetration. Sometimes proper lubrication while having sex doesn’t cause any bleeding neither the pain.

Hymen breaking is actually not real

There’s nothing like breakage or rupture of hymen because hymen is a thin layer which is quite stretchable which means more often sex loosens the tissues and a long gap can cause its size restore, the hymen regains its original shape and size.

Hymen covers vaginal opening

Hymen never covers vaginal opening because if it do so, women will face problems while menstruating. It is just a thin tissue layer which is stretchy and gets stretched while having sex.

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