Is it Possible to Change People’s Mindset?

Change People’s Mindset

Mindsets comprises of both intellectual and emotional elements that affect one’s interpretations, perceptions and actions. Mindsets are formed by a perfect amalgamation of beliefs, values, opinions, attitudes and preferences. The arduous task is influencing and altering other’s mind as it needs lots and lots of patience, efforts, new spectrum of ideas, however, it’s not impossible. Changing one’s mind depends on the strength of beliefs and values. If the belief is extremely strong and firm, then it’s gonna be a real tough task. And when, a strong belief is altered, it can be named as Brainwashing.

To be very true, changing someone’s mindset forcibly is not a sure shot initiative. But, reframing the mindsets giving it a total changed perception of looking at things differently is totally possible. So, yes it is possible to change people’s mindset. How and in what ways, the mindsets can be altered? Here is what I am coming to…

1. Get the best, logical and valid information

If you are outlining to change someone’s perception, belief or opinion about a specific matter, then better garner every possible information about it. You can find it from people or from internet, blogs, videos or even you can brainstorm over it by yourself. Make sure that the information you gather should be best, logical and valid. Focus more on that and learn about it. The more information you get, the more chances of beating your opponent you get.

2. Start discussing

Perceptions, mindsets, beliefs are not gonna be changed overnight. It needs a continuous hammering. Talk about it, discuss with the person whose belief you want to change. Don’t get depressed over failures, as you cannot conquer his/her mind in one day. Ask more questions, especially why and how. This will trigger them rationalizing the subjects. Smartly put your opinion into it and prove it why it’s appropriate and correct. If they defend it, that’s the weakest point of them what you got. Grab the weakest point and convince them with your ample information smartly.

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3. Give examples

Examples work in wonders and have superb ability to beat your opponent. You might give examples of any role model or any situational example or any practical example. This stimulates confusion thoughts in people’s mind making them think twice about their beliefs. Examples helps in providing clear perception of your views that you want to convey. Don’t over cloud your examples, keep it one or two for every attempt.

4. Keep your voice low

A raging and aggressive voice can create anger and envy in your opponent’s mind. This may make them feel like they are being challenged and could probably misguide them. Remember, we are not challenging anyone here, we just want to change mindsets. Talk soft, smooth and in low voice this will not only make them comfortable to understand your point of you, but also make a clear image in their minds.

5. Reframing or reshaping

We cannot force people to change their beliefs, however can reframe their belief. Make them focus on the information they have already got, but helping them to see it differently so that the implications can be recalibrated. Reframing gives more options and wide view. Respond effectively when the person reacts to the reframing attempt, as that could be right time and spot to strike on.

In this entire process, don’t forget to keep your belief and aim strong, as, if you become weak emotionally or mentally or spiritually their mindset may affect you. Keep your confidence at the top and go on making repeated attempts. It’s tough but not impossible!

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