10 Signs That Shows You’re Spending Too Much Time With Your Partner

Time With Your Partner

Well, this is little bit contradictory to the one of the most common rules of healthy relationship i.e. spending some quality time together can strengthen your love relationship, which is true indeed. But another rule that comes with it too is getting and giving space in relationship is essential too for a happy relationship. It is good if you’re spending quality time with each other but spending too much time with your partner can create little complications in your relationship. Many people after getting fully involved in their relationship, take their partners for granted which is one of the reasons for broken and complicated relationships. And if you’re worried about your relationship, you can still fix it. Here are the signs that exhibits you’re spending too much time with your beau.

1. You fight more often

When you spend maximum time with each other you get to know your partner much better and take your partner for granted and fight more often over your different point of views. You try to change few things in each other that you both may not like.

2. You hate each other’s habits

When you’re so used to your beau you get fully habituated with your partner’s habits and some of them might irritate you and you start hating each other’s habits even when they are not so important for your relationship.

3. You hardly talk to each other

When you spend too much time with your partner you run out of topics and start ignoring each other as a result of which you hardly talk to each other even not once in a day. You just wake up and get busy in your work and retire at night to go to your own beds.

4. You don’t text each other

Even when you go for your work, you don’t miss your partner at your workplace and don’t even text each other. You simply start ignoring and forgetting each other on your daily basis that badly ruins your relationship.

5. You lose interest in each other

When you start ignoring each other and lose the communication process you gradually lose interest in your partner. In many such cases, people find interest in others and go for extra marital affairs that completely worsen the situation.

6. You don’t make love regularly

Spending too much time with your partner makes you lose interest in our partner that makes you lose interest in sex too. You hardly make love and get intimate with your partner. Even if you have sex, you don’t like your partner’s sex moves.

7. You argue over small matters

Losing interest in your partner, sex and partner’s likes and dislikes makes you irritant over small things and matters and you both start arguing and fighting over very small issues and matters.

8. You don’t have anything new to talk about

When you spend maximum time with your partner, you get to know your partner in details. You explore every single thing about your partner and you are left with nothing new about your beau to explore later which means you run out of new topics to talk about our partner.

9. You hit bed at different times

When sex becomes boredom and very less important you lose interest in such activities especially related to your partner that makes you get involve in other works and go to bed at different times. You don’t have to wait for your partner to go to bed at same time.

10. You highlight negative points of your partner

Spending too much of time with your partner makes your love meter go down at some point. You lose that spark in your relationship and gradually start disliking your partner’s habits, likes, hobbies even small activities and you start highlighting these negatives points more often sharing with your family and friends.

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