Why Women Experience Sudden Changes In Their Breast Size?

Why Women Experience Sudden Changes In Their Breast Size

So ladies let’s keep our shy factor aside for a moment and talk about the most sensitive and tender topic that is women breast. Not only the subject, breasts are literally sensitive and tender anatomically. All women must have experienced a sudden structural change in their breasts at least once in their lifetime. However, this structural change happens more than 10 times in a woman’s lifetime which is quite normal. Unlike men, we women endure many physical and physiological changes in our body. We undergo puberty, well men undergo this process too, but we women menstruate that men don’t. We undergo the process of pregnancy, menopause and several hormonal changes. If any of you get panic on experiencing sudden structural change in your breasts, ladies you need to relax unless you find something abnormal or it’s proven breast lump. According to science, a woman body undergoes several physiological processes that cause sudden change in breast size. Let’s have a look on the factors.


Breast tissues contain fat globules and ducts hence they are more prone to structural change on gaining weight.  When the fat content increases, the bust size increases simultaneously. Hence obesity or weight gain can lead to bigger breasts.

Menstrual Cycle

If you’ve ever noticed the tenderness and tightness in your breast just before few of your menstruation, that is because after the process of ovulation release of hormones such as  estrogen and progesterone make your breasts bigger, fuller, tighter and tender.


Sudden change in breast size is experienced by every girl when she hits her puberty, that is because several body changes take place due to the sudden surge of womanly hormones such as estrogen, LH (luteinizing hormone), FSH (follicle stimulating hormone). Not only they experience the increase in their breast size but also menstruation and attraction towards opposite sex.


Pregnancy is the biggest and most important phase in a woman’s life in which she not only gives birth to a baby but also to a mother. Her body starts making alterations due to several hormonal processes such as increased bust size. That is because the milk ducts start getting activated to produce milk followed by tenderness and tightness in her breast.

Breast Feeding

After giving birth to a baby, women experience a sudden surge if prolactin hormones in their mammary glands to produce milk which causes sudden change in their breast size. Even continuous breastfeeding for 1-2 years lead to breast sagging causing structural change in their breast.

Using contraceptive pills

Contraceptive pills contain estrogen chemicals which is another reason for increase in bust size. However the composition of all contraceptive pills vary from each other some have less amount of estrogen content and some have large content.


Every woman has to undergo the natural process of menstruation and menopause. Women experience menopause at the age of 50 or onwards and that physiological process is also associated with hormonal changes. After menopause, change in bust size can be due to accumulation of fat tissues.

Tight lingerie

Another, serious reason behind sudden breast size change in women is wearing tight inners or lingerie which can change the shape of breast squeezing them making them look fuller and bigger. The tissues might get damaged and get prone to increase in the size. Women should let their bust breathe as much as possible wearing loose clothes not straining their breasts.


Sex is an act of physical pleasure where the most arousal spots get stimulated in both men and women. Breasts and vagina while having sex experience sudden rush of blood circulation making breast tissues and veins more evident. Hence, while lovemaking women might have swelled or fuller breasts giving the impression of breast size change.

Breast lump or cancer

Last but of course not the least, women when experience increase in their breast size for more than 15-30 days associated with a lump or a specific swollen breast tissue must consult doctor. Breast lumps and cancers are quite common in women and a matter of concern too.

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