Tips for Self Pleasuring

Self Pleasuring Tips

Self pleasuring implies masturbation. Self loving is always good and self pleasuring is harmless and non-risky. Neither you could get pregnant, nor you get any sexual transmitted disease or infection as there is no bodily fluid exchange. Masturbation has so many advantages it enhances your mood, induces nice sleep, reduces stress by relaxing your body and mind, relieves menstrual cramps, relieves chronic back pain, burns calories, promotes sexual awareness and boosts sex life. But, besides all these advantages, there are some essential tips and advices that you need to focus more. Here are some self pleasuring tips that would help you for sure.

1. Be careful about your tools

The things and tools that you use should not be pointed, or sharp metal, or glass, steel objects like pen as you might get hurt. Better use harmless and blunt toys which will make you feel good rather hurt.

2. Don’t rub too hard

Men and women when get closer to their orgasm and climax tend to rub more vigorous to get the pleasure intense but rubbing too hard can cause skin abrasion, cuts or your skin might bleed. Whenever you feel hurting, stop rubbing and better don’t rub too hard as your genital organ’s skin is too sensitive and soft which could easily get bruised.

3. Go moderate during pregnancy

Doctors recommend it’s good to masturbate during pregnancy as it kicks hormones to overdrive and makes the clitoris flexible to give child birth. But during last few months of your pregnancy you need to stop masturbating as it could cause contractions and premature labour pain. If you want to masturbate you could go moderate during pregnancy.

4. Keep your finger nails trimmed and neat

Nails can be real harmful while masturbating. Nails capture more dirt and needs to be kept clean and its sharp edges can cause serious cuts in your genital areas so better get you nails trimmed.

5. Use lube

While self pleasuring make use of lubrication that is made for your genital organs and condoms. But don’t go for petroleum jelly, baby oil, or lotions as it might harm your genital organs and imbalance you pH level.

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6. Use toys carefully

If you are bringing in the toys for better pleasure then always keep them clean, add lubrication while using, and never share your toys.

7. Avoid using veggies

Bananas, cucumbers are mostly thought to get used by some people but, they are not good enough for masturbation. They have harmful chemicals and insects which might harm your genital organ.

8. Electric toothbrushes are bad idea

If you think an electric tooth brush can be a substitute for your vibrator, you are simply wrong. Think about the sharp bristles as they might hurt and cut your sensitive skin too much and cause bleeding even.

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9. Focus more on your sensation

Masturbating practice can help you much. You need to focus more on your climax duration, or reaching to orgasm duration to enhance and improve your sex life.

10. Inverse ‘S’ technique

If you want to get more pleasure while masturbating then go with inverse S rubbing your penis as this might get you a blissful orgasm. Repeated rubbing on your penis can cause wear and tear of your sensitive skin causing pain.

11. Never use too much of anything

Be it a vibrator, or any toys try to limit the use of those toys as they might cause hormonal imbalances in your body, or your could get infection by repeated usage or you could get addicted to it.

12. Never feel bad

If you masturbating, it is good for your health. Never feel about it. Feel free to fantasize while masturbating as no one can get into your head to reveal your secret.

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