30 Crazy Little Things Only Your Best Friend Knows About You

Crazy Best FriendsWho said your wedded spouses are the only soul mates you can ever have? I guess, people who say this, didn’t have any best friend. Best friends are the best ever soul mates one can have. They know you better than you know yourself. You just cannot imagine spending a day without your best friend. They are often mistaken as your siblings because your activities, speech and body language all look alike. Your best friends can’t see you cry but if you don’t stop crying, they can slap you too. You can’t be best friends without insulting each other constantly, but when someone else insults your best friend would love to punch them. What is it exactly, that separates your best friends from the rest of your friends? Here are the crazy little things only your best friend knows about you.

1. They know what you are exactly going to order at the restaurant.

Your friends actually read your mind by your facial expressions.

2. They know your worst haircuts till date.

No one knows about your embarrass secrets except your family and best friends.

3. They know how many times you have been in secret relationships.

Hell yeah! Your regretful hook ups and quick relationships that you don’t want anyone to know.

4. They know how many times you have proposed your crush and got rejected in the most hilarious ways.

Your best friend knows about your old school crush and you know about their crush (s) too. Remember!

5. They know that particular movie you love to watch hundred times, but feel embarrassed to admit in front of others.

Of course, you call them to come over your place to accompany you with tissue papers. Isn’t it?

6. They know how you look without your pants on.

Yeah, that’s true!

7. They know at what time you eat, you sleep and you poop.

Oh boy! They know every about you in every detail.

8. They know even how good or bad or average your poop was precisely.

Truly in detail!

9. They know about your fantasy models and actors, if you know what I mean.

All your fantasizing plots and characters, you don’t want me to write those beautiful things here. Isn’t it?

10. They know your favourite flavour of every single junk food and ice-creams.

Banana, chocolate, orange, vanila..relax! Talking about ice-creams honey!

11. They even know the different flavour you choose for your different moods.

Yes, your best friends know about you more than you, that’s true. They even know what flavour of ice-cream you order when you’re upset.

12. They know your drinking proportions.

They know exactly how much coke you add to your whisky.

13. They know your Google search history better than Google itself.

Yes, all those top secret browsing histories they could read over your face.

14. They know how you feel about your each family member.

Who irritates you, you encourages you, who cheers up all they know about you and your family.

15. They know your next stupid question over sex.

Amazing it is, isn’t it?

16. They know about your sexual experiments and failures associated with them.

Mouths shut!

17. They know at what time you masturbate and where.

Embarrassed? But true!

18. They know how your unshaved legs look like.

If they have seen you without pants, they know how your unshaved beautiful legs look like.

19. They know your first look in the morning.

Of course, they know. They wake up with you!

20. They know what totally screws you up.

I bet your best friend knows about you and what fires you up. Am I wrong!

21. They also know the one thing that cheers you up always.

Cute kitty, or a pug, flowers, or a mug of beer. What’s your thing?

22. They know all the embarrassing names your parents call you by.

Ugh!! I hate it when my best friend calls me by those drastic names.

23. They know your signature and favourite dance moves on the dance floor.

When you party together, remember the gun dance!

24. They know how your mind works.

They even can guess your Facebook password in three guesses.

25. They know your same pick up line in front of every girl/guy you meet for first time.

No..I’m single actually.

26. They know about your phobias and manias.

Heights, water, darkness or a cute lizard. Your best friend is your Wikipedia.

27. They know when you are actually laughing at a joke and when you are faking it.

And then when you fake, they accompany you with a pretty bad fake laugh.

28. They know how you spend your pocket money.

Number of beer cans or scotch bottles you get or how many lipsticks with stilettos to ruin your monthly budget.

29. They know that you will ask for the likes and comments on your every Facebook update.

And you go like doing a great favour in the whole world!

30. They even know your silence.

Your best friend is your shadow. Your best friend knows about you so precisely that he/she even understand what your silence means and what’s the damn reason behind your silent tears. They love to love the silence with you.

This blog is dedicated to all those crazy best friends all over the world who love their friends unconditionally. “A good friend knows all your best stories, but a best friend has lived them with you.” Happy Friendship Day Guys!!

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