Things That Can Happen When You Stop Cleaning Your Navel

 Things That Can Happen When You Stop Cleaning Your Navel

Human body needs food to survive which is a natural process and maintenance of human body is important too which means cleaning, washing and staying hygienic is a part of human’s daily activity. There’s no doubt that we humans cleanse our body and wash our hair regularly to stay clean and hygienic but still we skip some more important sections of our body that needs equal attention as hair and skin, such as nails, toes, navels, ears. These ignored body parts are usually not taken care off on regular basis which can cause bad smell, dirt accumulation, unhygienic looks. Now talking about our navels, this body part remains mostly more unattended as nobody cares about their belly button as it stays inside and has no deal with our looks. However girls should be concerned about their belly button to flaunt their stomach for the sake of fashion. If you think that your navel needs no serious attention on regular basis, you might need to read the following facts that can happen when you don’t clean your navel.

1. Bacterial infection

According to North Carolina State University research human navel has 67 different types of bacteria which means it is more prone to infection making the navel damp causing bad pungent odour.

2. Yeast Infection

Yeast infection can be seen in both men and women at any age, even newborns can get yeast infection too in their belly buttons due to their mothers yeast infection during childbirth. Common yeast infection symptoms are redness, itchiness, liquid discharge and little pain in the navel.

3. Bad smell

Well, accumulation of dirt and dead cells in your navel can cause bad odour or smell further causing bacterial and fungal infections. Bad odour can be really awkward if you are sexually active because your partner might find it unhygienic while getting sexually involved with you.

4. Stone formation

Formation of stone in navels is known as omphaloiths which happens when you stop cleaning your navels for years. The stones get stuck in your navel which are usually dark grey or black in colour and are not very harmful unless they get inflamed and infected for years going unnoticed.

Tricks and Tips To Clean Your Navel

Cleaning your navel is very important as it is all about your personal hygiene. Well, nobody would like to stink while hanging around with friends or spending a quality night with a special one.  Here are some easy-peasy quick tips to clean up your belly button.

  1. Make sure you clean your navel everyday while having shower. It just takes few seconds to rub your belly button smoothly with your towel along with your bathing gel.
  2. If you feel like your navel is pretty much clean and you don’t need to clean it every day, make it a habit to clean your navel twice a month.
  3. Take a cotton swab or an ear bud dipped in rubbing alcohol or baby oil or water or hydrogen peroxide and gently wipe inside our navel to clean up.
  4. Make sure you always keep your navel dry. Damp skin might cause bacterial or fungal infections.

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