Effective Ways To Use Vitamin E Capsules For Skin And Hair Care

Vitamin E Capsules For Hair Care

When it comes to flawless beauty, skin and hair become our first priority. We all know to look beautiful and attractive we get concerned about our skin and hair besides our outfit and style. These days where time is the most crucial factor for our success and achievements, spending few hours in spa and salon becomes a real headache. And one another true fact is with each passing day, pollution is making our environment very toxic causing several health issues. One of the most common issues due to increased pollution is skin and hair damage. For that we all need to take a good care of our hair and skin for a flawless beauty. And most of us want it really quick and less time consuming, isn’t it? So here I m with one of the most amazing and effective beauty enhancing compound called as Vitamin E oil. This single element is enough to improve and upgrade your beauty and is easily available in the form of capsules in any medicine store. Here are few effective ways to use vitamin E capsules for skin and hair care.

Vitamin E Capsules for Skin Care

1. As night cream

Vitamin E oil has natural antioxidants that rejuvenate skin by repairing damaged skin. Take one vitamin E capsule, puncture it with a sharp needle to squeeze all the oil drops out of it on your palm and take your moisturizer cream to mix both well and apply all over your face and neck region. Leave it overnight and wash it next morning.

2. As wrinkles and dark circles reducer

Vitamin E oil when applied on skin promotes good blood circulation to enhance the beauty of the skin. Take one Vitamin E capsule to puncture and squeeze all the oil out of it and mix it with one teaspoon of coconut oil. Apply the mixture around your eyes including your eye lids and leave it over night. Repeat this remedy for few weeks to get rid of dark circles and wrinkles.

3. As cracked heels moisturizer

Another effective way to use vitamin E capsules for skin care is mixing 2 capsules oil with one small teaspoon of petroleum jelly to apply over the cracked heels and leaving it over night wearing socks. Repeating this remedy for few weeks will give you nicely repaired soft smooth heels.

4. As lips moisturizer

Vitamin E has hydrating power. Take one teaspoon of honey and take one capsule of vitamin E to mix both well and apply it on your lips to leave it over night. Repeat it every night and feel the difference within two weeks.

5. As sunscreen

If you’re tired of using sunscreen lotions as they are not that effective from protecting you from sun damage, then you might not have tried this super compound. Vitamin E oil is a natural sunscreen agent. Mix one capsule’s oil with coconut oil or your daily cream to apply all over your body and you’re ready to hit the beach!

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6. As skin hydrating moisturizer

Pollution and exposure to sun makes our skin very dull and dehydrated in long run. But one of the most amazing and effective way to use vitamin E capsules for skin care is mixing 2-3 vitamin E capsules oil with freshly made cream from boiling milk. Make sure the cream is cooled down at room temperature. Mix both ingredients well and apply all over your hands and legs or even your neck to gently massage for 20-30 minutes to get nice hydrated and glowing skin.

7. For lightening scars and dark spots

If you have got any scar or any dark spot on your body or face. Take few drops of vitamin E capsule and apply directly over the dark spot or scar and leave it for a night. Repeat the remedy for thrice a week and within a month your scar would be gone!

8. For softening rough and dry hands

You can soften your rough dry hands with such ease at the comfort of your home. Take a bowl full of lukewarm water. Add one whole lemon juice and 3 tablespoons of honey to it. Add 3 vitamin E capsules oil and mix them well. Soak your hands in the solution for 15-20 minutes and pat it dry. You can feel the softness on your skin instantly.

9. For strengthening nails

Broken and brittle nails are now becoming common for those who are spending more time outdoors because of dry polluted air nails are getting dehydrated easily. For strengthening and nourishing nails take a bowl full of lukewarm water and puncture 3 vitamin E capsules in it to mix it well. Soak your finger and toe nails for 30 minutes, pat dry and massage the vitamin E oil all over the nails.

Vitamin E Capsules for Hair Care

1. For treating split ends

Split ends is one of the most common hair issues these days. For treating split ends take castor oil or olive oil according to the length of your hair. Puncture 2-3 vitamin E capsules to squeeze the oil out of it and mix both well. Apply the mixture over the length of your hair and leave it over night to rinse your hair next morning which is one of the effective ways to use vitamin E capsules for hair care.

2. For stimulating hair growth

Vitamin E oil can be really beneficial for your healthy hair growth. It not only rejuvenates the scalp but also restores the moisture to nourish the hair roots. Mix 3 vitamin E capsules oil with necessary amount of warm coconut oil. Mix both ingredients well and massage gently all over your scalp for 20 minutes. Repeat this remedy thrice a week fir faster hair growth.

3. As hair serum

Vitamin E oil can be an amazing hair conditioner or hair serum to get smooth and silky hair. Vitamin E hair serum locks in moisture in your hair that really lasts long. Take 4-5 vitamin E capsules and puncture them to squeeze out all the oil out of it in a container or a bottle. Take required amount according to your hair length and apply the oil in the length of your hair. Gently massage all over your hair and rinse it with water.

4. For soft smooth hair

Everyone wants soft and smooth hair with extra shine to look attractive and beautiful. But getting it can be really tough. But there is a super easy and effective way to use Vitamin E capsule for hair care especially for soft, smooth and shiny hair. Take one whole egg (only the albumin) and add 3-4 vitamin E capsules oil in it and mix them well. Apply all over your scalp and hair and cover it with a towel for one hour. Rinse it well with a good quality shampoo and get the silky effect on your hair. 

5. As hair mask

Take 3-4 tablespoons of gram floor (besan), add 2 teaspoon of coconut oil, 2 tablespoon of fresh curd or yogurt and add 3 vitamin E capsules oil. Mix all ingredients well to make a thick paste. Apply all over your hair and scalp to keep it tied well for 1 hour as a hair mask. Wash it with a good quality shampoo.

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