Every Entrepreneur Must Prepare These 10 Lists

Entrepreneur 10 Lists

Being an entrepreneur will require you to sacrifice your personal life, hard earned money, stability, health, etc. While there is no guarantee whether your venture will be a hit or a flop, it is highly risky to be an entrepreneur. You have no time for enjoying your present. You are entangled with the thoughts of how to grow your business or how plan your action for ensuring stable relations with clients and investors. You are always busy in meetings, peeking in working of various departments in your company and drafting emails, that you are hardly able to organize your life and work.

But successful entrepreneurs have quoted that success in any venture requires you to have a sharp memory, which you can attain by incorporating a bit of organized approach in your life. As you organize your inventory at home by preparing list of groceries, you need to prepare a list of important contacts or tasks so that you are not messed up at times of urgent decision-making.

There are two kinds of list every entrepreneur must prepare and ensure to update it periodically. Let’s have a look at the 5 lists of important contacts to be maintained:

  1. Existing & Potential Investors’ List

To ensure stability of your enterprise, it is essential to maintain a list of your existing and potential investors. Maintain good relations with your existing investors by meeting them regularly and offering them help whenever they are in need. Also, prepare a separate list of your potential investors who will act as standby investors when your existing investors fail to give the required support. Keeping this list handy and updating them regularly will help you come out of disputes in an easy way.

  1. Existing & Potential Partners’ List

It is very important to maintain a list of your existing partners in the form of a spreadsheet. You must comprehensively mention the number of partners, kind of partners, their key roles in your company, etc. This will assist you in sending any pertinent business information to your partners as soon as you receive it.

Moreover, you should also create a list of your potential partners, who are either interested or with whom you are interested to work with. Keep a record of all the conversations you have with them along with details about their company’s goodwill in the market so that you don’t make hasty decisions.

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  1. List Of Journalists

Every enterprise needs adequate publicity to attract clients, partners, investors, etc as it showcases their repute in the market. Entrepreneurs want their company’s name to be famous and they want to establish and build their own brand image. So it is very essential that you maintain a list of journalists and maintain contact with them via social media. Make sure you read their posts, give your valuable feedback and have conversations with them. This move will prove to be a plus point for your venture.

  1. High Profile Friends

You need to prepare list of your high profile friends who are either CEOs, member of Board Of Directors, Managing Directors, COOs, etc. You also need to track upcoming business events where you can deepen your contact with them. Such business associates can also become your potential partners and can also introduce you to new investors. You can also arrange a get together and reap the benefit of being noticed in front of industry’s pioneers.

  1. Tech-Savvy People’s List

If you really want to give a boost to your business then there is no better way than publicizing using latest technology. In today’s business world, everyone loves to communicate via technological gadgets such as laptops, tablets or smartphones. So to make your business accessible to general public using this advanced technology, you must prepare a list of people who are programmers, Android App developers, etc and must ensure that you go seamlessly with the trend.

Furthermore, you also need to prepare 5 different kinds of to-do lists, mentioned as below:

  1. Short-Term & Long Term Tasks’ List

Being an entrepreneur, you must have a plan to be realised in short term and in long term. For the plans, you must prepare a list of tasks, which are to be completed in the near future and also a list for the actions to be taken in long run. It is always advisable to prepare the list in order of priority, so that you adopt a planned approach for smooth functioning of your enterprise.

  1. List Of Tasks Handled By Production Team At Present

While maintaining your list of tasks, you must also keep a track of the activities being handled by the production team. Your production team follows your directions. So it is essential that you know where the production process has reached and as soon as they are about to finish a particular task, then you can explain them your next plan of action.

  1. List Of Agendas For Upcoming Conversations

An entrepreneur’s mind is full of new ideas and complex thought process. You might come up with a new idea and if you don’t inculcate the habit of noting it down, then you might tend to forget it due to your busy schedule. So prepare a list of agendas for your upcoming meetings with clients and your teams from different departments and keep them up to date.

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  1. List Of Marketing Strategies

An entrepreneur must be creative in his approach. You must know that you have numerous competitors in the market and you can emerge as the best, only if you are able to offer something new. You must adopt a unique marketing strategy that makes a concrete place for your brand in the minds of the customers. You must prepare a list of marketing strategies that you think will augment your company’s image in the market. Slogans, ad campaigns, road shows, hoardings, videos on internet, e-mail marketing, contests, etc are the strategies, which you need to properly align to attract the customers.

  1. Business Ideas For Future

Business-minded people don’t stick their brand names to a particular product. Most of the successful entrepreneurs are known for their foray into various kinds of products and services. They like to venture into new markets and segments. So whenever you come up with a new and feasible idea, jot it down on your notepad, so that after listing more ideas, you can analyse and short list your best possible options.

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