Feeling Tired Even After Taking Rest? Here’s Why?

Feeling Tired After Taking Rest

It is nothing surprising to feel tired even after getting a full sound sleep or you can say a rest. Many of you are definitely familiar with this super lazy and tiring feature of your own body. You get home back from your office take nice rest to relax your body and mind but still feel tired. Even after completing a restful sleep at night you feel fatigued and tired all day. Isn’t it? Well many of you try slurping on huge mugs of coffee or even dozing at work to combat this tiredness but have you ever tried to figure out why you feel tired even after taking rest? Well here are the answers waiting for you.


Inadequate intake of fluid in your body lowers blood pressure which makes harder to provide oxygen to your brain making you feeling flat out anytime. If you still feel tired or fatigued all you need is enough water intake.

Improper diet

Your diet plays a great role in your body metabolism and specially in your active hours. It not only gives you energy but also keeps you active all day. That means your body behavior depends on the food you eat. Ore carbohydrates, fatty foods, calorie packed foods, junk foods makes your body inactive making you feeling tired all day.

Resting myth

Many of us think lying on a couch and watching TV is resting or doing nothing is resting, some think resting is just relaxing your body, but all these are simply myths. Resting is letting your mind to relax and to calm down. Giving rest to your mind as well as body is called resting. When you feel tired and you just lounge on your sofa watching “Netflix” remember after that you’re not going to feel active or refreshed rather more tired and sleepy.

Excess or lack of sleep

If you feel tired even after taking rest that might be due to excess of sleep or less sleep. People have a common idea of knowledge that for adults, 8 hours of sleep is enough but the fact is the duration of sleep required by every person varies. You can track your sleep that makes you feel drowsy or active after waking up and from that you can get your actual duration of sleep required. If you sleep too much you feel fired lazy and fatigued all day or even if you sleep very less that will obviously make you feel you tired sleepy.


If you’ve thyroid you can also feel tired all time. Hence it is very necessary to get yourself diagnosed by a doctor to check if you have thyroid issues. Hypothyroidism occurs when your thyroid gland that produces hormones to control your hunger and sleep becomes underactive. Oversleeping can cause hypothyroidism.


Your life issues, your mood and the status of your brain also plays a great role when it comes to being active or lazy. If you have any personal issues in your life that escalates your depression levels then maximum chances are there to feel tired and sleepy. Because when you’re gloomy and sad your brain activity falls drastically making you feel flat out.

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Stress is another crucial factor to make you feel tired and sleepy all time. Financial issues, personal issues, social issues anything can give rise to stress. And these days work and stress tend to be best buddies. Too much of stress not only hampers your health but also your brain making you feel real tired.

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Excess or lack of exercise

Exercise keeps you healthy and active, that’s true but that depends on the intensity and amount of exercise you do. Well exercise and regular workout gives you nice sound sleep making you refreshed and active when you wake up. But excess of exercising can make you exhausted that means even after taking rest you feel tired. Similarly, less exercise will make your body lazy and feel tired and sleepy.

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