9 Amazing Health Advantages Of Oats You Should Know

Advantages of oats

Lately you must have been hearing or reading more about oats and everyone seems to recommend oatmeal for breakfast as it is rich in fibre and essential nutrients. Though kids and even adults may not love to have oats daily, but oatmeal has been termed as more than a healthy food option. It has been deemed as a power food that is rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and lipids that helps in maintaining great health in the long run. It is also an inexpensive way of ensuring daily dose of nutrition rich breakfast and is very easy to prepare.

Scientifically named as Avena Sativa, the modern oats are originated from an ancient wild red oat that was cultivated in Asia. In various regions across the globe, oats are cultivated throughout the year and earlier its use was limited to medicinal purposes only. Over the time, it became a staple diet of people in various nations across Europe and later it was largely consumed in North America. Many countries are producing this hardy cereal grain as it can easily thrive in poor soil conditions.

Despite being harvested and cleaned through modern means, oats do not lose their bran and germ as these are concentrated with high amount of nutrients. Powering your meals with oats is the best alternative if you wish to lead a healthy lifestyle. It is vital to have information about these 9 amazing health advantages of oats as it will help you in maintaining the high nutrition quotient in your diet at economical cost:

  1. Lowers The Bad Cholesterol

If you are familiar with the term soluble fibre, then you already know how wonderfully it helps your intestinal tract trap the substances that cause a rise in the level of blood cholesterol and essentially prevents the absorption of low density lipoproteins or LDL (also known as the bad cholesterol). Oats are rich source of such soluble fibre that are also found in apples, pears, barley, etc but in considerably higher proportions. Many medical studies have revealed that people with high cholesterol can lower their total cholesterol by 8 percent to 23 percent by consuming 3 gms of soluble fibre each day. However, the good news is that a bowl of oats provides you with 4 gm of this wonder fibre!

  1. Prevents Accumulation Of Plaque In Arteries

Oats contain a special kind of antioxidant called Avenanthramides that helps in protecting your cell from the free radical effect, which increases the risk of cancer and heart diseases due to their unstable nature. Avenanthramides antioxidant is not only heart-friendly but also helps in preventing hardening of the arteries. These antioxidants prevent production of molecules that cause the large white blood cells called monocytes to stick to the wall of the arteries. Research have shown that women who ate around six servings of oats each week can reduce the risk of developing athreosclerosis, which is the accumulation of plaque on the sides of the arteries causing them to become narrow.

  1. Improves Your Immunity Level

Many studies have been conducted in the recent years to know the connection between consumption of oats and its ability to fight infection and diseases. Oatmeal comprises of a unique fibre called beta-glucan that directs neutrophils to reach to the area of infection and enhances their ability to fight off the bacteria in that region. This fibre aids in improving the repair mechanism of the body.

  1. Lowers Blood Sugar Level & Risk Of Diabetes

Most of us experience a sugar crash or mid-morning slump after having those heavy sugary breakfast. But with oatmeal, that doesn’t happen as it is rich in soluble fibre, which helps in releasing its sugar slowly into the blood stream. This means oats have low glycemic index which further ensures lower insulin resistance and lower prevalence of metabolic syndrome. Thereby, the risk of type 2 diabetes and coronary artery disease gets significantly lower due to consumption of oats. Steel cut oats are said to have more effect on stabilizing blood sugar level as they are less processed and contains more soluble fibre content.

  1. Reduces Risk Of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure has become a common issue among the people all over the world and most people don’t even know they suffer from the disease. Even heart and associated diseases are on the rise globally. Oatmeal contains high amount of different types of fibres that help in providing enormous benefits to our cardiovascular system ensuring smooth pumping and flow of blood to all parts of the body. It is medically recommended to have one bowl of oats everyday to reduce the risk of heart failure and high blood pressure. Studies have found that when you incorporate oats in your diet then they are as much effective as anti-hypertensive medication taken for lowering blood pressure. So why not make healthy choices right now?

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  1. Effective For Weight Management

Managing your weight without having to skip meals or convincing yourself to live on those boring salads is now easy with oats. You can have one bowl of oats without being guilty of putting on weight. As you now know that oatmeal is rich in beta-glucan fibre, you must also be aware that this essential fibre keeps your stomach full for longer. Your stomach will take time to break down these fibres while not making you feel hungry soon. This feeling will surely keep you away from those fried snacks and sugary delights that you love to keep popping in between your meals. Children must be practised to have oatmeal daily as the percentage of obesity among children is surging.

  1. Boosts Energy Level

Oatmeal is a perfect combination of carbohydrates, protein, fibre and when had with milk it is great source of calcium too. It provides an exponential boost in energy for all kinds of activities. Studies have proven that if you have a bowl of oats prior to 2 hours from your workout routine, then you will be able to enhance your metabolism rate while having greater endurance level to cope up with multiple strenuous activities.

  1. Great For Skin

Oats have been largely used in medical purposes and even in many cosmetics as it is believed to have great moisturising properties that is suitable for making dry and itchy skin look lusciously supple. The starchiness of oats enables the skin to hold on the moisture for a long time while the fibrous bran acts as an incredible exfoliating agent. However, consuming oats too has magical effect on skin from inside as it has some of the wonderful anti-ageing properties.

  1. Ensures Quality Sleep

Most people believe in the stereotyped notion that oats are had in breakfast, while many medical studies have found that it can be also beneficial if consumed in dinner. In fact, it doesn’t have complex nutrients and thereby, it doesn’t make you feel bloated while sleeping. As a matter of fact, oats comprise of melatonin and carbohydrates that allows more tryptophan (a kind of amino acid) to enter the brain signalling you to sleep. This function helps in regulating the sleep cycles. Additionally, oats also contain vital vitamins, including B6, that helps in greater secretion of sleep hormone called serotonin in the brain.


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