Health Benefits & Hazards of Drinking Vodka

Health Benefits of Drinking Vodka

For most of us, vodka is synonymous to any other alcoholic drink that consists of water, ethanol and some artificial flavours. Vodka is a highly popular alcoholic beverage all over the world and its popularity is soaring among the young generation. The modern day vodka is generally made from fruits and sugar, but in some countries, it is prepared using distillation of fermented grains or potatoes to add a distinct taste to the drink.

Have you ever thought that an alcoholic drink that makes your celebrations complete or gives that weekend high actually beneficial for health? In case you are still wondering how vodka can be good for your health, here are some amazing health benefits of vodka that you must be aware of –

1. Reduces Stress & Triggers Production of Sleep Hormones

Vodka is perhaps the most effective drink for instantly reducing stress levels when consumed in limits. It is known to be helpful in relaxing the mind while lowering the cortisol levels in the brain. Also, scientific researches have found that vodka works wonders in improving the serotonin or sleep hormone production. It effectively acts as a powerful sleep inducer and is great in tackling sleep disorders such as insomnia.

2. Vodka Is A Zero Fat Drink

Vodka is a great drink for health or calorie conscious people. Studies have revealed that vodka hardly comprises of fat and you can incorporate some vodka in your daily diet. If you are battling with weight issues and striving hard to lose weight, then having decent quantities of vodka will give you psychological satisfaction along with the much desired high.

3. Reduces Mortality Rate

Here is one important benefit of drinking vodka that contradicts the popular notion that alcohol consumption reduces life span. When consumed in recommended quantities, vodka can in fact, help in reducing mortality rate.

4. Regulates Blood Pressure

One of the reasons why some medications make use of vodka is that it helps in regulating blood pressure in the body. Vodka consumption can therefore, reduce the risk of high blood pressure and even heart attacks. For better and smoother blood circulation, have decent amount of vodka with your meals.

5. Cure For Fever & Digestive Problems

Who knew vodka would be this incredible! If vodka is applied on chest, forehead and legs of a patient suffering from fever, then it considerably helps in reducing the high temperature. In various parts of the world, people add small quantities of wine, vodka or any other alcohol while preparing foodstuffs. Not only does the food smells and tastes great due to addition of vodka, but also eases the process of digestion and helps in restoring digestive health.

6. Lowers Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease & Type 2 Diabetes

Not everyone is aware of this health benefit of vodka. Many medical studies have found that people who consume vodka as per intake recommendations have significantly less risk of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and type 2 diabetes. Vodka has several nutritional benefits that can improve the immune system and helps in correcting hormonal imbalances.

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But an alcohol is an alcohol and while anything in excess can have detrimental effects on health, even vodka can be dangerous if not consumed in moderate quantities. It has been studied that vodka may consist up to 40 to 50 percent of pure alcohol, which mainly depends upon the type and region where it is available. As per University of Maryland Medical Centre, the general health recommendations suggest that vodka intake should be limited to 1.5 oz. per day in case of a female and around 3 oz. per day in case of a male. Below are some of the common health hazards of consuming vodka more than the recommended quantities –

1. Results In Intoxication

As already discussed, vodka is a kind of distilled spirit generally made from grains or other fermentable materials. But drinking vodka in excessive amounts can result in intoxication, which may deter your judgement and immensely affect your brain and body movement coordination. In case you are already on some kind of medication, then even a small quantity of vodka can make you feel totally drunk and if you consume large quantities at one go, it can even kill you.

2. Increases Risk Of Alcoholism

Drinking vodka in increased amounts frequently can increase your risk of developing alcoholism, specifically if your family lineage has suffered from it too. There are various notions that may or may not provide satisfactory reasons for developing alcoholism, but researches have found the people with relatives having alcoholism issues are highly prone to develop it too. The apt solution to counter this issue is by having limited quantities of vodka and resisting the temptation of having more.

3. Demerits Of The Famous Eyeballing Technique

In a bid to attain that high which several vodka drinks give, many people pour vodka directly into their eyeballs. This practice is termed as eyeballing and this eyeballed vodka generates that high-on-alcohol feeling immediately as vodka enters the bloodstream when it gets collected behind the eyes instead of getting into the digestive system first. Many medical organisations have opposed the eyeballing practice as it can lead to permanent damage of eyes. Depending upon the quantity of vodka eyeballed, users may experience infection or tingling pain in eyes as it has the potential to kill the endothelial cells in the eye’s cornea causing permanent damage to the vision.

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