7 Secrets for a Sexy Flat Stomach

Sexy flat stomach

Everyone wants to be fit and strong. And having a perfect flat stomach is everyone’s toughest dream. People always crave for a sexy flattened belly, but when it comes to maintaining a perfect flat abs routine, they lag behind. Well, getting flat abs is not about starving yourself and living at the gym. It all depends on smart eating and strong and effective exercises. But, hey, no gain without no pain, right? So be ready for a regular exercise and healthy diet routine. We have got the best and effective secrets for a perfect flat and toned stomach.

#1. Say “NO” to junk.

Junk foods have lots of oil, carbs, calories, sugar which breakdowns into forming fats in your body. Avoid junk foods as much as you can.

#2. Say “Yes” to fruits and veggies.

Fruits and vegetables are super nutritious with proteins, vitamins, high fiber which enhances your metabolism process.

#3. Eat small meals more often.

Yes, let me give you a trick. Before eating drink a half glass of water. Eat small meals 5-6 times a day, it’s better than having three big meals in a day. Eating small meals increases your digestion leading you to a proper hunger process and that prevents your stomach wall not to get stretched much due to heavy meals.

#4. Drink lots and lots of water.

Water which is essential for our body has got so many crucial roles in our body.  Water helps in proper digestion, metabolism process, blood circulation and fat reduction.

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#5. Special drinks for Flat abs.

Start your day with a glass of luke warm water, a half slice of lemon and a tea spoon of honey in it, or else you can go for green tea which is known for fat reduction as it has antioxidants called catechins. These drinks have got super fat burning power which can help you a lot for a perfect flat ab.

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#6. Regular Exercise.

Yes, this is what you need very badly. You don’t have to go for your gym for mundane workouts and joggings. You just need 30 minutes a day for a vigorous effective exercise which includes cardio exercises, crunches, stretches which are really very effective for belly fat reduction. There are so many cardio exercises and crunches videos available on YouTube website. All you need is 30 effective minutes.

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#7. De-stress yourself.

Let me tell you, having too much stress and tensions can increase of the stress hormone level called cortisol in your body, which increases the amount of fats, you have got stored around your belly. There are lots of de-stressing ways like yoga practice for 15 minutes, listening to your favourite music, or taking short breaks from your overloaded work schedule, taking 15-20 minutes nap in the day time or the best and effective way is having sex with your partner.

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