11 Interestingly Simple Ways Of Earning Easy Money

Simple ways of earning easy money

Despite working hard for earning a decent income, there is always a never ending desire for getting more money. You have to pay your monthly bills, EMIs, insurance premiums while meeting the ever rising expenses in food, clothing, shelter and other luxuries of all the family members. It truly takes mighty efforts to live a comfortable life in this era. In spite of setting your budget for the month, you always incur extra expenditure on purchasing things you have been aiming for a long time. Your favourite dress, dream date, small vacation, new smartphone or laptop, etc.. are some of additional but sometimes unavoidable expenses.

Moreover, when we are accustomed to using many electronic appliances at home, then you never know when any one of these items may break down. You must be ready to meet such impromptu expenses. You cannot afford to increase the burden of credit card debt or your whole financial planning will receive a setback. No matter how high your income is because you will automatically find more ways to spend the additional money. While it is great to start logical financial planning through proper channelising of funds in saving and investment, it is even better if you find more sources to earn extra income with simple and effective techniques.

These days, not everyone will share with you the secrets for earning side income, but if you have a look at these 11 interestingly simple ways of earning easy money, you will be astonished how you weren’t yet aware of them:

  1. Start Part Time Cab Service

One of the best ways to earn side income is by offering your driving services to people in need. There are several websites in which you can register for part time employment and can mention your suitable working hours. You can negotiate the payments and get notified whenever your cab service is required. It has become a good extra income source in many countries. If you personally don’t like to do the driving work, then you can recruit a trusted person to work for you during the evenings when your car is free.

  1. Distribute Leaflets

This may sound quite boring job to do. But many sellers and marketers still may full use of this marketing technique. You can take up the job of distributing or door dropping leaflets. Since this are short term projects, you earn amount on the basis of number of leaflets distributed. All the details about the area, dress code and rules will be priorly mentioned. If you want to buy some dress or piece of jewellery without causing a drain in your budget, then you can go for such petty projects.

  1. Invite People For Dinner

If you think that you have extraordinary culinary skills, the talent of presenting food in the most attractive way possible and have a spacious dining room, then you can provide your expert services to websites out there who require hosts to give their travelers from around the world a feel of the traditional food in the most traditional manner. They want to give them first hand experience of rawness of the food available here. You just need to fill the application and mention about yourself, your cooking experience, what kind of dining place you can offer to guests and how many guests you can handle at one time. After some procedures, you will be asked for a fee that you charge for each guest and then if the terms are agreed upon, you will be informed about the arrival of guests.

  1. Sell All Unnecessary Items

Your home may require a complete scavenging treatment. You may never know how much space your clothes, shoes and other unnecessary items which haven’t be used enough is consuming in your wardrobe. Even appliances that just need a quick fix can also be sold after bit of repairing work. Moreover, your store room can be emptied up for a good stack of money. So sell all the items that are lying unused by clicking a picture of them and listing them on various websites that sell used goods. But don’t forget to make thorough research before pricing them.

  1. Earn By Becoming A Mover

It doesn’t matter if you are guy or a girl, this job is for everyone. Get your expensive party passes or plan your dream vacation from the money earned through providing assistance to people who require movers. There are a lot of moving companies where you can tie up for part time job. You can register with them and give details regarding the suitable workings in the evenings or mornings along with price expectations per assignment. You never know you can earn decent income by lifting all kinds of goods.

  1. Earn With Twitter

If you are not a tough guy or girl ready to do some physical work, then don’t worry. There are several options for you too. If you have large number of followers on the popular social media site, Twitter, then you can easily earn around $.50 to $20 for tweeting sponsored tweets to your followers. The rate however, varies as many factors are considered such as the number of followers, age group of target audience, how old is your account, etc.

  1. Earn By Providing Feedback To Websites

Websites today aim at great UI and UX so that their visitors can enjoy surfing through their website. With increase in number of websites each day and many changes being implemented periodically, websites require people to review them from the reader’s point of view. You can assess their websites and earn around 10 cents for an extremely short assignment to $10 to $15 for larger questionnaires. Most websites instantly provide the payment while there are others who credit the payment on monthly basis.

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  1. Sell Your Old Books & Notes

You never know how your old books stocked up in the store room may help you earn some extra money. Trade your books online via various trusted sites and get money for your upcoming outing with friends. If at all you are great making notes that include factual and contemporary data, then your notes can actually fetch you a good earning. Prepare good notes and sell them in PDF formats to the highly needy but less studious students in the university. This will surely become an interesting and permanent source of side income as the demand for ready-made notes is always at peak.

  1. Become A Mystery Shopper

Don’t you think it is great to get paid for shopping stuff and give your honest reviews. All you need to do is create your account with websites that require mystery shoppers and create your profile. As per your location, assignments will be allotted to you and you just need to normally visit the shop and purchase the items told to you and observe the store ambience. Later you are supposed to fill in the questionnaire and attach your bills for reimbursement.

  1. Do Easy Data Entry Jobs

There are infinite data entry job opportunities easily available online that requires you to do petty copy paste, minor text editing, translations and other similar jobs. These tasks might be quite boring but you can earn decent amount of side income if you have high typing speed and great accuracy level too. By working few hours each day, you can easily see good income flowing into your bank account. Just sign for free with such websites and start working today.

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  1. Start Teaching Online

If you are good at teaching, then don’t waste time in searching students for tuitions or become a home tutor. Rather reap the benefit of being in this digital world and tap websites that require people to teach online. Even if you don’t have rich experience in teaching, you can still grab this opportunity and present your lessons through video tutorials in professional manner. Your income will however, depend upon the popularity of the course and the attendance. There is also high demand for language tutors. If you master in some language, you can get yourselves enrolled on websites that offer such jobs. People globally are interested in learning new languages via the Internet.

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