5 Easy Techniques Of Waking Up Early In The Morning

Every new morning is a new start that can change the way you live. In the current busy lifestyle, people hardly have time to take rest and people have become used to sleeping late at night that they think its normal to wake up late too. It has been noted that most of the successful people in the world are early risers. What is it in the early mornings that has become the prime hours for the successful people? What is it in early mornings that people find their day more productive than ever?

We often feel that we are too occupied to finish our unlimited tasks and find ourselves short of time. We even feel that with so much work load, the whopping 24 hours are too less for accomplishing them. Most of the people have a uniform routine where the morning starts at an hour before they head for the office and they create all kinds of hustle and bustle in the morning and lead an utterly disorganized day at work.

Ironically, these people even know that waking up early can help them lead a highly productive day at home and at work. But they find it a mighty task to wake up early in the morning and sacrifice the extra rest they used to enjoy by convincing themselves that they are too exhausted to get up. So if you are one these people, who really find it difficult to wake up early but are keen to start the day early, then read these 5 easy techniques of waking up early in the morning:-

1. Gradually Start Waking Up Early

Easy Techniques Of Waking Up Early In The Morning

One of the best methods of waking up early is by tricking your mind gradually. You can easily do this by setting your alarm 15 minutes before than usual for first 4 days. Then you can reduce the time by another 15 minutes for another 4 days and so on. If you want to wake up around 3 to 4 hours before than the time you wake up now, then you need to adopt this gradual approach.

If you are determined to wake up early and from tomorrow itself you start waking up around 4 hours before your normal time, then chances are high that you will continue this trend for 3 to 4 days only. On the 5th day, you may feel that you have done much compromise on your sleep and you no longer can sacrifice your rest for getting habituated to get up early.

You need to tactfully play with your sleep pattern so that you get accustomed to waking up early and it comes naturally in your routine. Make honest attempts by experimenting on your sleep pattern so that you get ample rest while your aim of being a morning person also realises.

2. Find A Source Of Motivation

Easy Techniques Of Waking Up Early In The Morning

You cannot wake up early if you are not able to motivate yourself and kick yourself off the bed. You need to take it as a challenge and must be stout-hearted to win over yourself. You must keep your excitement levels high by thinking what you want to do after you get up. You must know how many extra hours you will get by waking up early and must plan for keeping your motivation levels up. If sitting in your home garden and reading newspaper, jogging with your dog or planning for the entire day in the morning motivates you, then think about it before sleeping so that your mind is tuned up to accomplish your early morning goals and this will definitely drive you to jump out of your cozy bed.

3. Keep Your Alarm At A Distance

Easy Techniques Of Waking Up Early In The Morning

Most people find the snooze button amazing, but actually it is a button that activates the laziness inside you. If you keep your alarm clock beside you, then you are likely to hit the snooze button every 10 minutes stretching your sleep for another hour or so. But if you keep the same alarm clock at a distant table, then as soon as you hear it ringing, you will not have any option but jump out of your bed and reach for the alarm clock. Once you come out bed, think about the things that motivate you and discourage your urge of taking a short nap. Tell yourself that you had adequate rest and you are fresh to start your day early.

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4. Prepare Your Morning Time-Table In Advance

Easy Techniques Of Waking Up Early In The Morning

Wake up your hidden hobbies and allow it to come to force. Prepare a list of activities you want to do early in the morning. You must know that your mood in the morning determines how your day will be. You must plan your mornings in a way that it fits in your routine easily and you cannot help yourself from getting up early.

List your activities such as waking up early, expressing your gratitude to God for all that you have, exercising, meditating, reading positive books, spending time with family, writing down to-do list for the day, managing household chores, etc. By planning in advance, you take your first step towards realising your determination of waking up early. You must understand that morning time is the best time to indulge in activities you always wanted and the peacefulness of the morning sets the mood for the entire day. You must productively utilise the morning time to ensure that you give a new start to a new day.

5. Sleep Early & Be Consistent

Easy Techniques Of Waking Up Early In The Morning

You must have a planned approach for waking up early. To get up early, you need to assess your sleep time in a manner that you take 7 to 8 hours of enough sleep. So set your bedtime and create a routine of sleeping at the stipulated time. Don’t find excuses to sleep late by watching television or playing in smartphones or computer. These devices keep your mind diverted and it distorts the activation of your sleep hormones resulting in making you habitual of sleeping late.

You need to read books with positive information, have dinner around 2 hours before sleeping and avoid having caffeine before sleeping to enjoy a sound sleep. Moreover, you need to be consistent in your sleeping pattern so that you actualise your plans for the early morning.

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