7 Health Benefits Of Working Rather Than Sitting Idle

Working Rather Than Sitting Idle

We all wish to have a lavish lifestyle where we don’t have the need to work at all. We all dream of going for long vacations and want to take a break from the routine work life. We all feel that work just accumulates stress and tension in our lives. We all want to feel how being idle actually is!

But there is a famous American proverb, “An idle mind is a devil’s workshop”. It is true that when we put our mind into something, we are more likely to improve our knowledge, attentiveness and we are in a better position to eliminate negativity from surrounding us. It is good to take a break from work and quitting work to remain idle can be enjoyable for few days but later it will start killing your individuality.

Recent studies have concluded that working is not only beneficial for our mind, but also is great for maintaining good health condition! Surprised! But it is true to the core that our work and our health are correlated. Idleness and over working can create havoc in our health condition. Similarly we can be gripped by depression if we are unemployed for a long period of time.

It is food for thought, what effects does working or idleness have in our mind? When we are working, we have our set of goals and plans for achieving them. When we succeed in attaining our goals, then we are filled with a unique sense of accomplishment. On the contrary, when we stay idle, we have no aims to chase for and we perform no actions resulting in circulation of pessimistic approach in our minds and lifestyle. So presented here are 7 health benefits of working rather than sitting idle that will compel you to rush to workplace everyday instead of dreaming of remaining idle:

1. High Self Esteem

Health Benefits Of Working Rather Than Sitting Idle

When you work, you showcase your potential not only to your employer but also to yourself. You get to know what you are actually capable of and you are motivated to accept challenges to unearth your true capability. Your each achievement or failure at work has the capacity to kick your mind to work in more innovative manner. You will feel worth when you present your ideas or opinions in front of others and your self esteem gets a boost.

But if you chose to be idle, then you will have no platform to perform up to your capability. Your knowledge will become stagnant and your mind will gradually lose the zest to gain knowledge and experience. You will be more inclined towards negative thoughts and you will start feeling miserable about yourself.

2. Relaxing Rest

Health Benefits Of Working Rather Than Sitting Idle

As per a saying by John Lubbock – An idle man does not know what it is to enjoy rest, for he has not earned it. When you are working, you surrender your mind and body towards accomplishment of tasks and dedicate a major chunk of your time and rest for the work. You put up best of your efforts for the success of a project and thereby, you earn your share of rest. You can peacefully sleep at night, because you know you have worked hard and now you can enjoy the rest.

On the contrary, if you are idle, then you have not given a single pinch of pain to any of your body part and you have been resting all day long. You are least likely to enjoy your sleep as you haven’t worked for getting a sleep that is enjoyed after a tiring day at work.

3. Self Satisfaction

Health Benefits Of Working Rather Than Sitting Idle

In order to enjoy life, you must be first satisfied with yourself. You must be satisfied with what you do, how you earn your living and how you direct your efforts for fulfillment of your daily goals. If you are working, you know what the level of satisfaction is attained when you realize your goals and are appreciated in front of your colleagues and seniors. You find happiness in completion of every small task. You feel that you are worth of the appreciation and honour.

On the other hand, if you are idle, then you have no new reason to be happy. You are not contributing anything that can benefit you in return and you will be least bothered to know what kind of achievement it feels when you get honoured in front of everyone. You will become a socially isolated person if you remain idle for a long time.

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4. Sets Your Mood Right

Health Benefits Of Working Rather Than Sitting Idle

If you believe that work is worship, then you will automatically be driven to put in your sincere efforts. When you are working, your motivation to grow in the professional arena will be acquiring more versatile work. You will have the enthusiasm to perform work to the best of your efficiency and it will trigger hormones in your brain that keeps your mood happy.

If you remain idle, then you are least likely to give a boost to your mind. You will not be in a good mood always because you are not actively participating in any kind of work. You did not own any sense of accomplishment and you will probably have negative outlook towards work. This is not actually not good for your mental health.

5. Your Appetite Is Improved

Health Benefits Of Working Rather Than Sitting Idle

When you keep yourself occupied in work, then you will have an active internal system. You will feel hungry on time as you are great at utilising the energy you get from food into your work. Your body is quick in burning up calories. You will have a good appetite.

But if you are idle, you will lose you appetite as you mostly remain passive. Your body is not able to burn the stored calories because of inactivity and hence your body won’t send you signals of food cravings to your mind.

6. Healthy Body

Health Benefits Of Working Rather Than Sitting Idle

When you work, you need to push your mind and body together to get work done. You need to wake up early, get some household chores done, get ready for office, commute to workplace and give strain to your muscles and tissues everyday for performing great at work. If you have such a busy routine, then you will improve your flexibility and you will have balanced body weight. You will find yourself in good health.

While on the other side, if you prefer to be an idle person, then you will become a couch potato who has nothing to do accept eating and watching television on the cozy couch. You hardly perform any activity so you are at high risk of putting up extra pounds.

7. High Energy Levels

Health Benefits Of Working Rather Than Sitting Idle

You will always be high on energy when you are working as you receive energy from your work. Your dedication towards gaining recognition in the workplace and the society fills you up with so much vigour that you are known as a highly energetic person in your social circle.

However, if you prefer to be an idle person, then there is nothing that can actually fill you up with energy. Hardly anyone has heard of a person who is energetic and idle at the same time. You will always feel low energy when you are idle because you know you have nothing to do in life and there is nothing that peps you up.

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