10 Reasons to Drink Wine for Good Health

Reasons to Drink Wine for Good Health

You do not need to feel guilty if you are in a habit of having a few sips of red wine at the end of the day. Rather the latest studies suggest that you should drink wine for good health as it offers a range of surprising and fascinating benefits.

The wine has always been looked upon as the cause behind many health problems or mental imbalances. However, when taken in moderation, it really makes your life more exciting and benefits your health.

Here are the top 10 reasons that make indulgence in wine a good idea:

1. It is Good for Heart

With so many supposedly healthy foods now being considered bad for the heart, it is a welcome news that wine can have some positive effect on its condition. According to health experts, the procyanidins compounds in red wine, reduce the risk of heart disease. When the Harvard Medical Institute conducted a study on around 11,000 participants suffering from high blood pressure, it was found out that the participants drinking red wine showed 30% reduction in the risk of heart attack.

Drinking red wine regularly in moderation cuts the risk of stroke by 50% although, more details are yet to come out from the cardiologists regarding this statement.

2. Reduces Depression of Risk

Scientists from the Spanish Universities have been successful in linking the reduced risk of clinical depression to regular consumption of wine. The intriguing study involved more than 5000 participants in the age group of 55 and 80 years and was published in a leading medical magazine.  The researchers after considering the effect of other lifestyle factors concluded that those who drink around 2 to 7 glasses of wine each week have reduced the risk of depression.

3. Increases Life Expectancy

The ancient people believed in drinking wine at the end of the day for relaxing and also because it contained anti-aging properties. Modern science too has now come up with enough evidence to attribute such properties of wine. According to a Finnish study, the male participants who drank wine regularly showed lower mortality of around 34% as compared to those who indulged in beer or spirits. The study says that the Resveratrol present in the red wine reduces unwanted inflammation and promotes effective production of insulin.

4. Maintains Cognitive Function

Repeatedly the doctors, as well as the health experts have said that excess consumption of alcohol leads to cognitive decline. However, certain studies have also indicated that people who never indulge in wine experience an early reduction in cognitive function as compared to those who drink. It means that you need to drink wine for good health of your brain. On the other hand, overindulgence in alcohol can cause serious health issues. So, the best solution is to drink wine, but in moderation.

Studies show that moderate indulgence in wine provides a good amount of protection against Alzheimer’s and other forms of brain diseases. Red wine contains compounds that open the blood cells and stimulates the circulation effectively.

5. Offers Moderate Protection Against Certain Types of Cancer

Most alcohols have been found to elevate the breast cancer risk. However, red wine in particular, is known to cut down the risk. The special chemical compounds present in the red grape skins lowers estrogen levels and increases testosterone levels, thereby reducing the chances of getting malignant tumors in the breast.

A study conducted on more than 2000 participants indicated that people who consumed red wine regularly in moderation showed 45% less risk of getting colon cancer. Another study conducted by the University of Leicester scientists from Britain suggests that red wine lowers the risk of bowel tumor by around 50%. Harvard research shows that moderate drinking of red wine reduces the prostate cancer risk by 52%.

6. Keeps Eyes Healthy

An Icelandic Study recently published in the Journal Nature has said that moderate red wine drinkers are 30% less likely to be inflicted from eye problems such as cataracts as compared to those who do not drink alcohol at all. Similarly, it has also been suggested that people who drink wine are 40% at less risk of developing cataract than those who drink beer. Moreover, evidence also suggests that regular consumption of red wine cuts the macular degeneration caused due to age, which is an important health benefit for those who are above 50.   

7. Reduces Risk of Liver Disease

Scientists at the UC San Diego School of Medicine has found out that consumption of red wine reduced the risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease by 50%. However, over consumption of wine can damage the liver tissues and increase the risk of alcohol-induced fatty liver disease.

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8. Can Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Drinking red wine in moderation reduces the risk of developing type II diabetes by around 30%. A 12- year-old study carried out by Dutch scientists say that Resveratrol in the red wine stimulates insulin sensitivity, thereby helping the body combat insulin resistance which is the main reason behind the onset of type II diabetes.  

9. Look Younger for Long

Who does not want to look young for long? Surprisingly, red wine can do wonders with the way you look. Apart from increasing your longevity, wine also provides anti-aging benefits such as younger looking and glowing skin for many years and fewer chances of precancerous skin lesions.  So a small glass of red wine is nothing short of a fountain of youthfulness.

10. Good for Your Gut

Fermented foods and drinks are undeniably very much beneficial for the digestive system. Fermented drinks such as wine that contain beneficial enzymes, strains of probiotics, omega-3 fatty acids and B-vitamins.

The wine has been the symbol of celebration, revelry and creativity since thousands of years. Now that you can drink wine for good health, there is no reason why you should not relax and have a few sips of your favorite drink. Mind you, moderation is the key to prolonged indulgence in this case!

So, drink wine for good health and ensure long and healthy life.

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