20 Hacks That Help to Fall a Sleep Real Quick

Hacks to fall asleep

I love my bed and love to sleep whenever I get some extra time after necessary work and household chores. And many of you, almost all love to sleep too. Getting some quality Zzzz’s is very necessary but our stress, technology and too much work load make us sleep deprived. Lack of sleep can lead to many serious health issues such as increased stress and anxiety, fatigue, heart attacks, increased blood pressure, diabetes, skin ageing, weight gain and even fatal accidents. Those people are very lucky who totally go out right after hitting their bed. And some unfortunate ones including me keep tossing and turning, watching the ceiling and staying alert to the weird night sounds for at least one to two hours before they sleep. And some even keep frequently checking their phones or clocks to know the time. But don’t worry, we can still save our quality night sleep. Here are the best 10 hacks to fall asleep at night real quick.

1. Exhaust yourself more

Exercising is not only good for your shape and weight but also induces deep and quality sleep. The more you exhaust yourself, the more deep you sleep. Go for walk, running, cycling, jogging, swimming anything that increases body exertion, but avoid too much exertion.

2. Eat right food

Right food is very important to induce good sleep. Cherries, potatoes help to sleep at night according to the researchers. Cherries contain natural melatonin that helps in regulating proper cardiac rhythm that helps to fall asleep fast. Potatoes have a relaxing effect on your body which helps to sleep peacefully. Veggies, pulses and fruits that contain high potassium and magnesium improve the quality of the sleep.

3. Prefer lighter meals

Lighter meals help you to sleep peacefully. When your stomach feels lighter it can easily digest the food without disturbing your quality sleep. Acidity, indigestion and gastric due to heavy meals can interrupt your sleep.

4. Avoid caffeine intake

One of the most effectual hacks to fall asleep is avoiding caffeine intake. If you can’t avoid it, at least reduce the intake in afternoon and at night. Caffeine makes your body alert and difficult to sleep which sticks on to your system for 10 hours.

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5. Choose you drinks wisely

Well, instead of drinking tea and coffee its good and wise to have some warm milk, chamomile tea or a glass of wine with your dinner. Warm milk before bed soothes your body and relaxes your mind giving you a quality sleep and so do the chamomile tea. Wine relaxed both body and mind inducing a nice sleep, but best if taken with your meal.

6. Avoid day naps

Naps are no bad if you can still sleep at night even taking a nap at day time it’s good. But if your naps affect your night sleep adversely then you must avoid day naps. Scientists say, a nap of 20-30 minutes before 4 pm is good and never harms your night sleep.

7. Detach yourself from gadgets

Technology was evolved to save your time, but today it consumes most of our time. And it affects your quality sleep too. So it’s better to detach yourself from your phones, tabs, laptops to concentrate on sleep.

8. Shift your TV from bedroom to hall

Televisions in your bedroom can lead to bad sleep habits. It not only strains your eyes but also the noises affect the quality of sleep. Your bedroom is for sleep and sex. So, if you have a TV in your bedroom, shift it to your hall.

9. Cool down bedroom temperature

It’s natural when it’s too hot you can’t have a nice soothing sleep. But, cooling down the temperature of your room can help you to sleep fast. If it’s cold outside, manage the room temperature keeping it little warm according to your comfort.

10. Dim the lights

Another hack to fall asleep faster is dimming the lights. Lights play a very crucial role while sleeping. Your room should be dark enough to relax your eyes and body to induce great sleep. It’s much better to make your room a darker cave using the dark curtains to check the street lights getting in.

11. Make your room aromatic

Aromatherapy plays an important role to soothe your body and mind to fall asleep. Lavender, vanilla, sandalwood fragrances can help you to get quality sleep at night.

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12. Relax your body and mind

Do meditate before going bed. 10 minutes meditate can do wonders and to relax your mind play some soothing slow instrumentals to get relaxed and quality sleep. This actually helps you to fall asleep real quick.

13. Take a bath

Taking a short shower can help your body to relax. It improves sleep quality and makes you hit your dreams real faster. Make sure, you won’t take a very hot or cold shower, manage the temperature that soothes your skin.

14. Read books

Reading books before hitting bed is a nice technique to fall asleep faster. This relaxes your eyes, body and mind pushing you hard towards a deep sleep. Any book can help you and best options are romantic, fiction that fades your worries and stress.

15. Sleep with right posture

Posture makes a big difference to get a good quality sleep. One of the crucial hacks to fall asleep is maintaining the right posture. Sleep on your back, or your side or you can take a foetus shape like babies inside the womb use to sleep. Your spine gets relaxed in these postures helping you to sleep faster.

16. Prefer quality bedding and comfy clothes

Comfortable mattress, cotton or silk sheets and light covers, soft pillows help you to sleep better. Comforting clothes like night suits of cotton fabrics soothes your body and helps you to fall asleep quickly.

17. Sleep same time every day

Making a habit of sleeping at the same time every night can help you to fall asleep real quick because your body gets used to the time and it automatically attracts the sleep and relaxes your body reducing stress and anxiety giving you a deep quality sleep.

18. Take deep breaths

Breathing technique helps a lot when it comes to falling asleep. Deep breathing technique 4-7-8 is one of the amazing hacks to fall asleep real quick. All you have to do is breathing in through your nostrils for 4 seconds, holding it for 7 seconds and exhale the air taking 8 seconds. Repeat this technique 3-5 times while you’re on bed.

19. Massage that specific nerve on your head

That supraorbital nerve on your forehead above your eyelid right on the eyebrows can help you to sleep faster if massaged slowly before you hit the bed. Rubbing or massaging them with gentle pressure very softly can relax your mind and eyes to make you fall asleep in just few seconds.

20. Take out feet out of the cover

A very weird but effective technique to sleep faster is taking out your feet or one of the legs out of your blanket or cover to let them cool down as your feet are full of blood vessels called arteriovenous anastomoses that expel heat very quickly and lets you sleep easily.

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