Why Is Anushka Sharma So Popular?

Anushka Sharma was born in 1st May 1988. She is an actress, a producer and a model. She is among the most paid actors in India and she is very popular.

More about Anushka Sharma

(a) Modeling, Acting and Production


Anushka Sharma’s first modeling assignment was in 2007 and it was for Wandell Rodricks (a fashion designer).

She then relocated to Mumbai where she pursued modeling as a full time job.

Anushka Sharma Modeling Days


Anushka Sharma auditioned at Yash Raj Films where she succeeded and made a screen debut opposite Shah Khan in 2008 at “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi” film. From this film, she got awarded as the best actress and she rose further with starring roles in Band Baaja Baarat in 2010 and in 2012 at Jab Tak Hai Jaan. The 2012 role also earned her the best supporting actress award.

The greatest success was in the roles of a TV reporter in 2014 at a religious satire (PK) and in 2016 where she acted as a wrestler at a sports drama (Sultan). From Anushka Sharma filmfare, both films were ranked among the most grossing films in India.


Anushka Sharma got praised for her 2015 performances in the crime thriller (NH10) which marked her production kick off. The 2016 romantic film (Ae Dil Hai Mushkil) also earned her many nominations and awards.

(b) Other activities that Anushka Sharma engages in

Anushka Sharma is also an ambassador for various products and brands such as Nivea. Her social media presence is very active and she engages in supporting charities and other causes like animal rights and gender equality.

Together with her brother Karnesh Sharmer, they formed Clean Slate Films (a production company).

Anushka Sharma Production

(c) Other things that make Anushka Sharma popular

She is Bollywood’s most sought after actress.

  • She is married to Virat Kohli (an Indian cricketer).
  • During an interview, she mentioned that she gets so much love from Pakistan and so she is looking forward to take part in a Pakistan film.

Anushka Sharma Marriage Photos

Anushka Sharma’s acting skills standout the same way gambling apps try to be unique from each other. She has been in Bollywood for several years and in many ways, she has proved that she may be the next Rani Mukherji or Kajol.

Anushka Sharma is someone that most people can relate to. People in the acting industry are known to have their own mind when it comes to performing. When Anushka Sharma joined Bollywood she changed that and she has proven to be honest. In the Anushka Sharma magazine cover and other interviews, she speaks openly about how actors get good payment and are treated well in Bollywood.

Also, the fact that Anushka Sharma began her acting career with a superstar makes her so popular too. She made her debut during Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi opposite Shah Khan. People felt that she was too plain to be casted apposite a superstar but when the film came out, she proved that she was the best one for that role.

Anushka Sharma Hot


Anushka Sharma’s talent and achievement made it easy for her to get noticed by many. She now has a huge fan base which has also enabled her to stay long in Bollywood and earn so much as an actress.

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Why Is Anushka Sharma So Popular?
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