Inspirational Things To Learn From Steve Jobs

inspirational things from steve jobs

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Steven Paul Jobs commonly known as Steve Jobs was an American entrepreneur, an inventor and a marketer who was chairman, cofounder and the CEO of Apple Inc. He is a man who inspired millions as he was an incredible leader and a game changer. He always believed in highest excellence. All his given impacts in our lives the personal computers Apple and Macintosh, cell phones (iPhone), mp3 players (iPods), music contributions (iTunes), tablet computers (iPads) and animation (Pixar) which made life easier for people to live, work and play. Steve achieved success in his life by fighting all odds. Here are some of the inspirational things to learn from Steve Jobs.

Learn from others

Steve never felt wrong about learning and getting ideas from others. In high school, Steve attended lectures in a small computer technology company and started working for HP and Atari at the age of 21 where he learnt that people of those companies were doing what they wanted hence Steve wanted to do differently with Apple.

Make a early start

Steve who worked for Apple at his early 20s was a sponge brained teenager who learnt computers very quickly with fresh ideas and full energy.

College is vital but not that important

Students who focus more on college for gaining degrees to get good jobs Steve dropped out of his college as his University was quite expensive and he didn’t want to waste all his parents’ savings for his college education. He cofounded Apple Computer in the year of his estimated graduation.

Explore the world

Steve, the year before cofounding Apple visited India and many countries which gives a broadened perspective and expanding the good traits in entrepreneurs.

Surround yourself with wise people

Steve Jobs was not that good at computer engineering and Steve believed that Apple Inc. would not have a future if only Steve would be working for it. Hence, he recruited Steve Wozniak, and many wise people on board like Apple CEO Tim Cook, Pixar Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter.

Anticipate Greatness

Anticipating and expecting greatness makes people rise and advance towards success and glory and so did Steve Jobs and became a successful entrepreneur.

Obstacles are only to overcome

Obstacles which means barrier are only meant to be overcome. While developing the first ever Apple computer, Jobs and Wozniak ran out of money and needed financial support to develop the computer, hence Jobs sold his van and Wozniak sold his graphic calculator to meet the financial needs which means where there’s a will there’s a way.

Value people not money

Steve Jobs hired passionate workers and cultivated amazing company cultures at both Apple and Pixar which brought him success. But, Steve also never cared about his salary being a CEO of the Apple as he earned $1 in a year.

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Have a higher objective

We are what we think, we rise according to our thoughts. Our thoughts make the world. Steve Jobs turned his vision and objectives into reality.

Be stubborn

We need to be persistent and perpetual regarding our work and goals. Steve Jobs never learnt to give up, he made his consistent attempts to achieve what he wanted to for his Apple Inc.

Go for the toughest jobs

Steve Jobs asserted that he had made over 200 phone calls most to no avail which is an example of arduous job.

Be a leader rather being a specialist

Steve Jobs knew that despite of having great ideas and vision, he cannot work alone for his company and hence he recruited people to accomplish the tasks by leading them all.

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