How To Know You’re Way Too Stressed Out?

ways to know you are stressed out             

Believe me or not, the only reason that made me to pen down this page was my stress. I was really bogged down by anxiety from last few days and I was wondering how to know if I’m stressed or depressed. I decided to research about signs and symptoms of stress and guess what, I found myself the most stressed person I have ever met. Well, you’re going to thank me at the end of this article though it is really not encouraging for me to manifest myself as a stressed writer which is actually not the real me. Stress is deceptive and it manifests in different signs and symptoms. It affects you mentally, physically and psychologically. Every 7 out of 10 people all around the globe are suffering from stress and anxiety and they don’t have any idea about it. Effective stress management has become the most required treatment for a healthy lifestyle. Dealing with stress effectively and positively is very necessary and is not that tough. The importance of recognizing or knowing that you’re way too stressed out is saving yourself from being in control of stress levels. Here are the ways to know you are super stressed out.

1. You’re sleeping too much or very less

Increased stress hormones affect your sleeping patterns. Stress hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline and nor-adrenaline makes your brain dull and less efficient disturbing your sleep durations and the sleep quality. You might have noticed if you’re worried about something you either find it hard to fall asleep or you worry too much to become gloomy and sleep all day feeling tired and fatigued.

2. You’re having stomach issues

Too much stress and anxiety can cause stomach aches. You constantly feel pain in your abdomen either upper or lower that is because your abdomen and brain share nerve pathways that means when your brain reacts to stress your abdomen receives the same signal. Most common symptoms when you’re way too stressed out are poor digestion, bloating, nausea, vomiting, gastric, menstrual cramps, UTI cramps.

3. Your muscles are aching and throbbing

Stress initially affects your brain and constantly sends the same signal all over your body which makes your body and muscles vulnerable to feel the pain and aches. Strained neck, shoulders, tightened back muscles, tension in backbone muscles are common signs when your stress hormones are at the peak.

4. You are thirsty always

Anxiety and stress activate your adrenal glands located at the top of your kidneys to pump out excessive stress hormones making you feel fatigued and tired fluctuating other hormones and reducing the compounds affecting your body fluid levels and electrolytes drying out your throat, food pipe and mouth which leads to make you feel thirsty.

5. You’re getting frequent urges to pee

Stress can be another culprit behind your unexpected UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). Besides bacterial infections in your urethra stress makes your body more prone to bacterial infections and giving you frequent urges to pee. Not only UTI but also hormones cause pain in lower abdomen and pelvic region.

6. You’re over thinking

Over thinking about any issue or problem that even in the middle of something is an obvious sign of stress and depression. You are in the middle of conversation with someone and instantly a word or a phrase or any mentioned name makes you get lost in a deep negative drowning thought. Even when you trying to sleep you keep thinking hard about the issues that are bothering you and you keep thinking very deep and dense that end up with sadness or tears. If you’re experiencing such things you’re definitely way too stressed out.

7. You become emotionally unstable

Stress can be really harmful. The stress hormones that keep rising every now and then especially when you’re anxious or worried or sad triggers emotional imbalance making you emotionally unstable. You cry over small things, you easily get irritable or sad or even angry. You lose your temper on little things and end up crying and sobbing.

8. You’re getting mood swings

When you’re stressed or depressed mood swings are quite common. In the morning when you wake up you’re sad and gloomy and just after reaching your office you suddenly lose your temper wondering what’s wrong with yourself. You feel like crying and crave for something sweet and sometimes you feel like eating ghost peppers.

9. You’re experiencing hairfall

Stress hormones affect your body’s physiological functions leading to acne breakout, hairfall, dark circles, irregular menstruation and poor sex drive. If you have been thinking the pollution and chemicals are causing your hair loss then you need to work on your stress management too because you never know the stress inside your deep down might be the real culprit.

10. You’re running out of patience

Yes, I’m indeed. Well, mentally healthy and happier person never worry about their patience. They love people trying their patience. But stress can turn the game upside down. Stress increases irritability and brain’s efficiency which easily breaks down a person.

11. You are having weigh fluctuations

Stress has a very bad impact on your appetite. You feel hungry too much or don’t even feel at all. Too much eating while on stress can lead to obesity or weight gain and less or no hunger can deteriorate your health making you skinny. So if you’re too much hungry or not at all you are way too stressed out.

12. You are experiencing loss of libido

Stress hormones are bad hormones that affect your happy or good hormones such as oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin, endorphins. More the stress level lesser the production of happy hormones that directly affects human’s sexual drive and reproductive system. Increased stress level clearly causes loss of libido which means you lose interest in sex and love making.

13. You are getting negative thoughts

Stress hormones always affect your brain and mind inducing negative thoughts which results in depression, sadness and gloomy behaviour. You tend to over think and always get negative conclusions and possibilities which is a clear sign of being stressed out.

14. You’re socially detaching yourself

Stress and depression makes you sad and gloomy which increases the bad hormones and encourages your brain to breathe in solitude. You find yourself very depressed and surrounded by negative vibes disturbing your emotional state of mind leading you to live solitude and isolation.

15. You’re getting headaches

Stress leads to pain. You easily feel the pain all around your body. Headaches are very common. More the stress, more the migraine. Stress creates pressure in your brain making you feel the constant throbbing inside your head. If next time you’re getting a bad headache for more than one or two days you’re way too stressed out for sure.

16. You’re constantly blaming yourself for everything

Stress leads to negative thoughts and vibes in your mind which makes you irritable and emotionally disturbed for which you tend to over think and start blaming yourself constantly for every troubles, issues and inconveniences in your life.

17. You’re either over eating or not feeling hunger at all

Stress hormones can be really bad for your stomach and health. If you’re under severe stress, you might feel too much hunger or very less or no hunger. You tend to over eat and some even starve when they stress out.

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