5 Things About Marriage That Indian Women Are Scared Of

Marriages are made in heaven and in social terms, marriage is a unique bond where two different people are ready to share their lives with one another and enjoy their family life. Marriage is said to upgrade people socially and makes them more stable and mature in life. For enjoying your married life, all you need is love, trust, care and respect and if you maintain these factors, then your journey with your partner will be a cherishing one.

Things About Marriage That Indian Women Are Scared Of

Sometimes you may not be wanting to marry but pressures from the family or relatives can compel you to say yes to marriage. In India, though we have modernised, but when it comes to marriage, women are pressurised to get married by the age of 25 and they are advised to forget all their aspirations in life that can contradict with their married life. Many experts have found that most Indian women are scared of marrying and the reasons behind their fear is actually psychological.

It is true that every woman wants to get married and settled and have babies. But still they are very sceptical when it comes to saying yes to marriage. They have their own set of notions that are logical too and they have to bury these inhibitions as they know that their families won’t be able to understand them. So if you want to know what makes Indian women fear from marriage, then you must read these 5 things about marriage that Indian women are scared of:

  1. Rise In Responsibilities

It is not true that women cannot handle multiple responsibilities. In fact, there are many women who successfully juggle between work and home responsibilities and yet are living a happy married life. But it is human nature that increase in responsibilities creates a feeling of fear first. In the same way, many Indian women perceive that they will be endowed with the complete responsibility of the home and since they have been living like princess, they feel that marriage will cost them their leisure. Though they will perform their duties well, but somewhere they will not be contented with the way their time is spent now.

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  1. Losing Their Identity

Most women have the perception that their identities will be at stake after marriage. They think that they have been used to living the way they like and now when they have to live with someone else, they will have to make many compromises and they will eventually, get lost in their married life. Such kind of opinion has a major impact on the mindset of women. They may have to sacrifice their sleep, career, way of living, etc for adjusting with their husbands. When women think deeply about it, then they start fearing more and more from marriage.

  1. Staying With Their In Laws

More and more people nowadays, prefer having a nuclear family. So one of the most significant fears of an Indian women is that they will have to stay with their in laws after marriage. Staying with their in laws mean that they will have extra responsibilities and they will have to maintain a code of conduct, which will reduce their level of freedom drastically. Also, if there is difference of opinion with their in laws, then there will a series of dramatic debates and there is no guarantee if the husband will be supportive or not. Living with in laws and joint family are one of the most dreaded nightmares of most Indian women.

Marriage That Indian Women Are Scared Of

  1. No Independence

Most Indian women feel that marriage snatches their independence in life and enhances their burden of frustration. This is mostly the notion of working women who know that they have crossed a long bridge to reach this position in their career and they are used to earning income for themselves. Such women feel comfortable in their own homes where they are not nagged for sitting idle and they can wear anything they want, they can party out with friends, go for sleepovers with friends, go on vacations with colleagues or friends, etc. But after marriage, they think that their will be a 360 degree change in their world. They will feel entangled living with husband and his family while adhering to the rules of the home. Moreover, if the family is quite traditional, then women have to follow some dressing etiquettes too, which may be unacceptable for them.

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  1. No More Pampering From Parents

Before marriage, when you were at your parent’s home, you used to feel like a princess. You were getting so much love, care and pampering that you had the thing you wanted even before asking for it. When you are about to get married, then you start feeling insecure about not receiving the same kind of love you got from your parents and siblings. You cannot predict before marriage how your in laws and husband, who are unknown to you, will be treating you. They may or may not be able to fulfil all your expectations. Such kind of feeling can disturb the mind of any woman and many a times, women find the situation difficult to handle and thereby, they decide to drop the idea of marrying. In fact, in many societies across the globe, women are taking such strong steps and some women also feel like being in live in relationships are better than getting married.


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