Why People Kiss To Show Their Affection?

People Kiss

Kissing or pecking or puckering or you can say smooching, whatever you name it, it’s the best ever human behavioural action. I think people kiss because it feels good. The moment your lips get locked by your counterpart’s lips you start living a new world, your stomach feels the butterflies in it and you just feel yourself and the moment out of the world. But, it’s just what I think. Now coming to the reality check, why people kiss to show their affection it’s has something related to evolution. Yes, evolution of kiss! Fascinating isn’t it? As we know humans are animals too, it is a common behaviour in animals that is act of touching each other’s mouth or simply kissing to touch their partners, offsprings or dear ones to feel secured about them. They touch each other’s mouth to access a potential mate and to feed their babies. But in humans, who are quite smart and improved version of animals having brains with beauty, the act of kissing boosts hormones generation which have several fascinating and interesting roles. Let’s peek into the reasons why people kiss mostly to show their affection.

1. Nourishes romance

When couples kiss it boosts and nourishes their relationship and romance making it more lively and vibrant. Kissing feels romantic because it is kind of a drug to which brain gets addicted. Kissing helps to release more dopamine which is a neurotransmitter that gets activated in brain making a person feel happy.

2. Personal and social bonding

Not only couples when a mother kisses her baby it creates a magical bond between a mother and child giving warmth to the relationship. When a brother kisses his sister or vice versa, it strengthens their brother-sister relationship. Hence people kiss as it’s a way of showing affection, love and care to your loved ones. Similarly when people greet and they kiss sideways to greet each other it makes a strong social imprint in their brains.

3. To assess physical compatibility and immunity

According to many research and studies, women have an interesting ability by which they subconsciously assess the physical compatibility and immunity of their male partner while kissing them for the first time. Women are quite choosy and men are sloppy when it comes to kissing. Hence, men can have sex or choose a partner without kissing a women but women need to kiss at first place before having sex or choosing a partner.

4. Transferring information and chemical signals

When couples kiss, they receive chemical signals in their mind. A kiss transfers information which helps to decide both men and women about their relationship status. Kissing on date works like a checking tool playing the role of attraction.

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5. Women love to kiss

Well, whoever has said it, said it right. Men will always be men. They never focus on time wasting factors while love making such as kissing, smooching, cuddling as they stay focused at the main course. But 89% of women prefer kissing in the foreplay before having sex. They actually enjoy kissing as it arouses their mood and desire for lovemaking.

6. Kissing feels good

Well, the most strong factor due to which people kiss to show their affection is action of kissing literally feels good. Why? When you kiss your body unleashes several feel good hormones or you can say chemicals such as serotonin, endorphins, dopamine and mostly oxytocin which is also called as love hormone. When all these happy hormones get released in your body and brain you will definitely feel good.

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