Quirky Benefits of Being a Man

Being a Man

How can I skip men?.., after all men are my readers too! Well, I am here with a quirky article for men which would not only make men proud and happy about themselves but also throw some light on the subject about benefits of being a man. After highlighting benefits of being a woman here is the next masculine version. Buckle up guys! Here are the following numerous reasons you can rejoice for tonight with couple of beer mugs. Here we go..

1. Hair is not a nightmare

Unlike women, men can hold a body full of hair and can flaunt it every possible way. They don’t have to “Veet It”. They don’t need to wax their hair, neither use razor nor hair removal creams. I feel envy of men now.

2. Full freedom to go shirtless

Well, being a woman we can never ever dare to go shirtless unless we are with our sexual partners in a closed room. But men can easily go shirtless without any hesitation and have a super power to allure ladies with their bare chest. We can’t do it, at least in public.

3. Peeing in public

I believe this is the best ever benefit of being a man. We ladies suffer extreme holding our urge to pee unless we find a clean secure place but for men the entire earth is the toilet.

4. No menstruation issues

Yeah! Another perk of being a male is they can never imagine nor feel the drastic effect, pain and sufferings of menstruation we women go through every month. Right, cheers for you guys!!

5. 10 minutes enough to get ready

I wonder how brushing, pooping, showering and putting on the clothes take just 10 minutes for guys. I guess they must be skipping one of these. Well, we ladies are quite particular about our looks and get up just to allure all men hence extra 50 minutes is our birth right.

6. Front and rear never decide your job interview result

Well, men can’t grow boobs and sexy booties. So, interviewers might find it little hard to give the offer letters to well deserving men.

7. One bag is enough for 2 weeks vacation

Another relieving benefit of being a man is carrying one suitcase to a vacation of 2 weeks is more than enough. That’s because men can never get what accessories and jewelleries are all about.

8. No shoulder pain for a handbag

Men are so lucky that they don’t have to even carry a handbag wherever they go or travel. Well, being a woman it’s a privilege to carry a bag with all necessary things to offer help to anyone.

9. You can repeat your clothes thrice a week

Right, men can survive on perfumes and deodorants for entire a week but women can never. Repeating same clothes thrice a week is quite unhygienic and we women take a good care of hygiene.

10. Thinking about sex is not a sin

If women think about sex even more than once a day they can be called as a slut but for men they have the birth right to think about sex 24×7 because it’s in their gene. Congratulations guys!!

11. You can sit with your legs apart

We call it sitting manner. However men can sit with their legs apart without being noticed by anyone and not being recognised as a slut. You lucky boys!

12. Buying condom is so easy

Just like that! They ask the chemist for a packet of condom like they are asking for a candy without even imagined or pictured naked. And we women on asking for sanitary napkins get raped by the chemist eyes.

13. Sexual Harassment is not for men

You don’t get touched at your rear or boobs by your co-workers nor even get the panic attacks while getting back to your home at late light. People don’t stare at your boobies because you are lucky enough to be men.

14. Ageing makes you more hot

I strongly agree. Women usually fall for men aged between 30-40 because men look their real best with grey hair, light wrinkles, tough voice and matured looks. Oh man! I have started imagining Jason Statham already.

15. You don’t have to give birth

The last but of course not the least, the super benefit of being a man is you guys would never feel the child delivery pain. You don’t have to endure that nightmare of giving birth to a baby through your peeing apparatus wide opened like a jar.

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