5 Things You Should & 5 Things You Shouldn’t Spend Money On

things you shouldn't spend money

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Money is obviously very crucial to live a comfortable life and therefore, we juggle with multiple responsibilities for a better future. All our efforts are directed towards gaining happiness. People often confuse by equating money with happiness. For many people, happiness is when your accounts are stacked with money. This is why they end up spending more on getting home decoration items, fancy appliances, highly advanced gadgets, cars, branded expensive clothing, etc.

But when you sit back and relax with your family, how often do you share the happiness of buying these materialistic goods? In fact, the joy derived from owning these things is ephemeral. You may feel proud and successful while purchasing them, but the feeling fades away as these things start losing their shine. Gradually, you will become so used to living with these commodities that it won’t have that impact on your mind as it had when it was brand new.

The value of materials diminish over the time and technological devices become obsolete sooner. You must know that when you spend your hard earned money on something, then it should make you feel happy always. So start spending money on something that gives you a reason to smile and it is your experiences that does this work for you. Such memories touch you deeply inside and becomes an integral part of your life. Experiences, good or bad, not only fills you with joy but also gives you an opportunity to learn something vital. When you are doing your best to save money for getting something worthy, then reading about these 5 things you should & 5 things you shouldn’t spend money on will help you make the apt choice:

5 Things You Should Spend Money On

  1. Travelling


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You may now think how saving money for this is an intelligent choice as travelling is wallet draining idea. Well it is certainly not if you plan for it. Start saving money soon after you decide your destination and the approximate expenses. It is for sure that the total travelling budget will be equate the amount you would have shelled out for a laptop, tablet or even a car. But for something called as an experience for a lifetime, then it is worth the cost. It will create priceless memories and whether good or bad, it will make you laugh heartily each time. Remember that life is too short to live with materials as there is nothing distinct about them. Everyone can have them but everyone cannot experience the same way you will experience while exploring a new place.

  1. Education


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If you are person who knows that gaining wisdom helps you in broadening your mind’s avenues, then invest your money on education. It is never to late to start learning something new. Go for higher degree courses or certificate courses about your subjects of interest such as arts, literature, economics, human resource, etc. Many people even opt for gaining information about different religions and their practices or choose studying about gardening, archaeology, etc. Such distinct courses are becoming a fetish for many people across the globe. Upgrading your knowledge level can never become a dead investment. You can even go for the trending professional courses so that you grab all the opportunities to grow within your company.

  1. Books


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Books are truly your best friends. They surely never let you feel alone. Reading books becomes an interesting activity as your mind is busy in building up images to support the author’s words and you can spend endless hours reading them. Reading books is just like getting knowledge about someone else’s experience. As you read it, you start feeling like owning that experience. Try to cultivate your interest in books as it helps to disconnect you with the busy world and makes your mind absorb educative stuff. Since the diversity in books is humongous, you will be enchanted with the experiences when you start reading books of your interest. Knowledge never gets outdated. Even your future generations will find them amazing.

  1. Music


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When your life’s motto is to be happy rather than accumulating money and having no time for yourself and family, then why not start playing or listening music. Since life will get busy with the passage of time, you need to make most of every moment by investing your money in what makes you feel good. Start learning to play a guitar or piano. You never know when some occasion would require to showcase your talent. Fulfil all your passions about learning music and another benefit is that you can pass the talent to your next generations as well. If you are fond of listening music, then invest money in developing your own music library and get your senses soothed with your favourite genre. You can even buy karaoke systems to sing some of your loved tracks during parties or family get together.

  1. Food


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When you want to fill your life with nothing but extra ordinary experiences, then why not have some great experiences with food. Obviously, the main curiosity while travelling places is to taste the local cuisines. Instead of getting some roadside snack, give yourself a treat by experimenting a continental or sea food platter or Chinese cuisine. Try new dish every time you travel or visit any restaurant. And if you are a maniac for food, then why not invest money in learning the culinary skills. You can choose to learn any variety of dishes and gift your loved ones with world’s best delicacies. Such kind of experiences will always stay afresh in your mind.

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5 Things You Should Refrain From Spending Money On

  1. Cars


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It is okay if you are millionaire or a billionaire to pay for every new car model launch. Otherwise, if you fall in majority, then purchasing new models of cars in every couple of years is a sheer waste of money. You will never gain popularity or respect for purchasing a latest car edition. You will just fall deeper into the debt pit. Your bank accounts and credit cards will be exhausted in paying those whopping EMIs. Moreover, you will love it for a few days or months. Then it will automatically become ‘just another car’.

  1. Jewellery


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Women out there get fancied over every piece of delicate jewellery. Surely, jewellery does complement with various outfits on many occasion. But if you go out of the way to purchase a necklace worth hundreds or thousands of dollars for just accessorizing yourself, then it is an act of a fool. You must know that many pretty women out there are managing to look great with beautiful yet less expensive accessories. Go on to take some money advice from them!

  1. Fashion Fads

Fashion Fads

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There are many people especially college going students who depend upon their pocket money and yet wisely choose less costly stuff and indulge in purchasing good clothing, shoes, bags, etc. But there are many other people who love to satisfy their egos by draining their pockets to burn huge amount of money in just a pair of shoes. In fact, cheap shoes too look great. You just don’t need to show the brand’s name to be popular. Moreover, with fashion changing at the pace of an eye’s blink, you will never know who else will soon grab your place. You can’t run after the changing fashion and completely ruin your savings.

  1. Electronic Appliances

Electronic Appliances

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Gone are the days when food, clothing and shelter were a man’s only needs. Electronics have become an indispensable need and one cannot imagine life without a refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, television, etc. Being a matter of necessity, you must spend economically so that your need is satisfied. If you want to purchase an extravagantly gorgeous piece of an electronic appliance and want to select the latest available model, then it is guaranteed that before the shine of the machine diminishes, the company will introduce its next version. Your emotional satiety will last for sometime and then you won’t feel the same happiness as you felt while purchasing.

  1. Home Decor Items

Home Decor Items

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It is obviously great to keep your home update and beautiful. After all, your home is the world for you. It has to look its best always. But changing the theme of the house every now and then and investing money in renovating as per the popular theme mentioned in the magazines is equivalent to channelising your financial resources in attaining short lived pleasures. The whole home decor thing will seem least worthy after any new theme becomes a rage. Rather learn some crafts and easy home decoration techniques and with available things, you can easily create fancy show pieces and wall papers that will transform the visual appeal of your house. You can make it a lifetime experience by involving friends and family members to assist you.

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