Things You Need To Check Out While Shopping Online

Things You Need While Shopping Online                       

People have been very familiar with online shopping these days even before our nation became cashless. Shopping at your own comfort sitting at home and getting things delivered just at the door step is quite fun and easy. But still people face few issues while shopping online such as quality of the product, shipping issues, delivery issues, exchange and return of products and many more. Technology has made things easier for us still we need to be little bit cautious while making use of our technology. Online shopping is easier but online frauds are common these days too. To make your online shopping easier and secured, here are few things you need to check out while shopping at your comfort.

1. Reputed online shopping websites

When you shop online, you need to look for the familiar and reputed websites. Renown websites have very chances of fraud cases and transaction issues compared to those who are less known such as in India, Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Myntra are quite famous. However there are other reputed websites specially for furniture, jewellery and even for ladies and kids fashion.

2. Product quality assurance

Another most important thing you need to check out while shopping online is product quality assurance. As you’re just getting a glimpse of your product when you’re buying it hence looking for the quality guarantee is essential. For example Flipkart has its own ‘assured’ option which gives you the guarantee of the product quality, Amazon has it ‘prime’ option which makes it easier for you to choose the best quality product.

3. Genuine address and contact number

When you shop online, look for the company’s physical address, email address and contact number. You can call them for your reassurance and check out the address in Google Map for your secured transaction. Even if any issues come up you can contact them for your assistance.

4. Good ratings and reviews of a product

When you buy something online, you can only get the image and description of the product. Hence for your reassurance you need to look for the ratings and reviews of each product before adding them to your shopping cart or buying them. Good reviews and ratings implies guaranteed quality of the product.

5. Flexible return and exchange policy

All online shopping websites differ from each other with respect to the return policy, privacy policy and term & conditions. However good websites have flexible return and exchange policy such as Amazon has 10 days of return, refund and exchange policy. If you buy something and find it inappropriate you must be given flexible return and exchange policy by your chosen shopping websites.

6. Add correct billing and shipping address

One of the most important things you need to check out while shopping online is adding correct billing and shipping address as you don’t want your product be delivered somewhere else in a wrong address. In order to avoid these inconvenience add correct address before buying a product.

7. Look for secured website for payment

You should never ever buy anything online using your credit card or online banking from a site that doesn’t have SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption installed. Look for if the site has SSL because the secured URL for the site will start with HTTPS:// instead of just HTTP://. A locked padlock icon will appear typically in the status bar at the bottom of your web browser or just right next to the URL in the address bar, depending on your browser.

8. Read the websites privacy policy

Reputed online shopping websites are quite flexible sharing about how they collect data from their customers and what they do with it, the entire process. Many of the trusted websites belong to web-seal approval setting out the guidelines on the treatment of your information. Look for the privacy policy whether the company uses your details and information beyond the purchase transaction.

9. Try to avoid products with additional costs

Many products even with reputable shopping websites come with extra additional costs such as shipping charges, delivery charges, packaging costs etc. So when you buy any product try to avoid products with additional charges. You can look for similar products on the same website without delivery or shipping charges.

10. Compare price using price comparison sites

Another very important thing to check out while shopping online is comparing the product’s prices in several reputable sites. Or you can simply check your product’s best price in websites such as MySmartPrice or PriceGrabber to compare the most reliable price of your chosen products and get the best deals.

11. Look for discounts and promocodes

Shopping things online during the sale seasons such as festive seasons or great deal seasons might help you to get discounts. You can also look for some promocodes for getting additional discount for grabbing the best price of your product. Sometimes paying through some specified debit or credit cards offer reasonable discounts too. Hence check all these factors before final payment option.

12. Get the app for more discounts and cashbacks

Most reputable shopping websites advertise their big discount sale for using their shopping app. You can get amazing discounts and cashbacks on just downloading the app and shopping with that app.

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