10 Must Do Things For Would-Be Brides

Would-Be Brides

It is always men who feel that their freedom is lost as soon as they tie the knot. They feel that the increased financial burden and lack of space in life is complementary with marriage. But the sacrifice is not one-sided. Women too have to make oodles of compromises before leaving everything to make a new place feel like home.

Being a woman, you are constantly under scrutiny of the society and its social shackles that hold high expectations for you, leaving less scope for fulfilment of desires. After you reach marriageable age, you are compelled to marry and then you are expected to take care of home and in-laws and soon bear child too.

But before you step into this new world of expectations, don’t you feel like having some adventure, going on trips with friends, partying hard, etc? Don’t you think how much fun it will be when you look back at your past only to fill your heart with happiness? These priceless experiences should be a part of your bachelorhood so that you feel that you have fulfilled many of your crazy desires with complete freedom. If you are wondering what you can do to make your pre-marital life exciting, then here are 10 must do things for would-be brides that will fill your heart with sense of accomplishment:

  1. Treat Yourself By Partying Hard

Instead living an isolated life and later having no memories to make you smile, it is always better to enjoy life to the fullest before marriage. Plan a weekend trip or a road trip or conduct some in-house competitions with your friends. After all the work, stress and the thoughts of married life takes a toll on your mind, you seriously deserve this treat.

  1. Make Your Own Living

If you don’t have a job yet, then start searching for one. Or if you wish to start your own business then don’t waste time. Start working not only to pay for your shopping expenses but to grow professionally and to attain financial freedom. Moreover, working will teach you to become responsible and to perform multiple tasks single-handedly.

  1. Accept Your Individuality

We often have the habit of cluttering our mind with incidences of the past. These incidences build up stress in our mind causing us to flow with the emotions and forget our true self. We entangle ourselves deeply with comments or opinions of others or we try to imitate others and in this process, we somewhere lose our individuality. Before you start your married life, learn to love yourself and accept the way you are. Don’t let yourself get discomforted due to the judgements passed by others. Remind yourself that you are a unique creation of God and understand your goals in life.

  1. Start Learning To Cook

People really underestimate cooking skills. Cooking is actually an art and you must not only cook to please others or just because eating outside is expensive and unhealthy, you must cook for yourself. Cooking reiterates the feeling that you can take care of yourself well and it is fun and easy thing to learn.

  1. Spend Some Time Alone

You might love being surrounded by family, friends or room-mates because you haven’t yet explored the beauty of spending time with self. Living alone for sometime gives you time to rethink about your decisions and helps in soothing stressed mind. You feel a certain degree of independence and it gives you an escape from the hodgepodge world.

  1. Best Time To Face Your Fears

Challenge yourself to have some liberating experiences. If you are afraid of something, then try it at least once with complete dedication to come out of it. Whether you are scared of staying alone in the darkness, sky diving, paragliding, swimming, public speaking, etc, try it because you may not find yourself so free and less engaged after marriage. But before you start thinking to perform them recklessly, remember that these things need to be done under supervision.

  1. Show Love To Yourself

Nothing else can excite a woman more than shopping. Pamper yourself by shopping clothes, shoes, accessories or get a spa and sauna treatment, colour your hair, etc. After a whole day of pampering, express love for yourself by sitting back and relishing your favourite meal. Don’t forget to have your favourite dessert.

  1. Tap Your Creative Side

Women are born creative and it just takes a bit of effort to know what you are adept at. Just try stitching, crochet, jewellery making, painting, fashion designing, knitting, pottery, gardening, etc and decorate your house with your art. Every time you look at them, they will instil in you the feeling of pride. Moreover, this is the best way to keep stress at bay.

  1. Explore New Places Alone

If you want to boost your confidence and live like a free bird, then why not plan a trip all alone? Plan easy and safe trips and see the world with a different perspective. Experience new culture, people, cuisines and climate. You will definitely love this expedition and will wish to have more such experiences.

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  1. Maintain Savings Account

It is very important that you have your stock of money reserved for contingencies. You cannot be dependent on your spouse’s money for every bit of your expenses. Having a separate savings account before marriage will enable you to contribute to the family’s income or you can even invest them to get increased returns.

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