15 Things No One Will Ever Tell You About Being A Mother

Being A Mother       

It’s been two years I’m happily married but the instant I’m thinking of stepping into motherhood world is giving me serious nightmares. Well, personally I am not a mother yet but the motherhood blues are way too unbearable and I have seen my brother’s wife bearing all those pain. To be honest I’m totally not against the idea of being a mother but the scenario is little bit different from as it is always flaunted to every ‘would-be-mother’. “It’s the world’s best ever feeling to carry a baby inside your body for those long 9 months”, “taking your baby in your hands for the first ever time is priceless”, “watching your baby cry, smile, yawn is one of the most amazing feelings in the world” bla..bla are all true but trust me there are some regrettable and heartbreaking things that no will ever tell you about being a mother. Here are those secret sufferings.

1. You have to forget about yourself

That’s true you will definitely forget about yourself. You would not be able to make out some “me” time for manicures, pedicures, facial or even a quiet coffee time. All you will be doing all day is changing diapers, cleaning your babies poop, feeding them, taking every possible good care of them from every aspect.

2. Breastfeeding will be a nightmare

The very crucial element of being a mother is breastfeeding your baby. It takes few weeks for new mothers to learn how to perfectly breastfeed their babies. Breast pain, cluster feeding, sore nipples, leaking breasts, engorged breasts, low milk supply, mastitis are some common breastfeeding issues women usually endure while feeding their babies.

3. You will be an exhausted mother lifelong

Believe it or not, your kids are going to make your life beautiful as well as hell. No matter how old are they, they are going to make you exhausted for lifelong with their super irritating and spontaneous behaviour. Starting from changing diapers to making them finish their homeworks you simply going to regret over your life.

4. Your sleep will be a sacrificial lamb

The moment you start carrying a life inside you the first ever thing that gets affected is your precious sleep. This saddening fact is one of the most important things that no one will ever tell you about being a mother. Sleepless nights during pregnancy, disturbing nights soon after pregnancy and short sleeping nights long after pregnancy to wake up every morning to make your lads ready for their schools are going to be one of the worst nightmares of your life.

5. All babies are not similar

If you thinking you’re smart enough to figure out your friend’s or cousin’s baby’s behaviour to evaluate how babies behave during different times that might help you in your motherhood case then let me tell you dear all babies are different and all have their different unique techniques to make you suffer.

6. Stress and anxiety will be your new friends

Antepartum depression (depression during pregnancy) and postpartum depression (depression after childbirth) are usually seen in almost all mothers due to massive stress and anxiety. Stress due to over-thinking about motherhood life, massive changes in life, taking care of a baby, working on new responsibilities makes new mothers depressed and full of anxiety.

7. No more satisfying poop for few years

Pooping would no more be easy and contenting. You have to be superfast whatever you do for yourself so that you can attend your baby whenever he/she needs you. Even if you baby is little bit grown up you have to pay close check on them for that you might need to poop keeping the door open.

8. Your relationship with your partner will be affected

Believe me after giving birth to a baby your priorities to change. You will try to attend your baby first instead of your husband. Those cuddlings, hugs, smooches on bed would be like sweet memories. You might not be able to do those things having your baby in the middle of you both. Even if you get some time your exhausted body won’t support your love making which is quite sad.

9. You will have to embrace criticism

Well, you’re a new mother and the techniques, motherhood tenets are all new to you so you will definitely take some time to get used to it. But the experts at your home be it your dad’s home or in-laws those expert ladies will criticise your actions and techniques pointing out your mistakes. But don’t worry some will appreciate your efforts too.

10. Dark circles and unshaped body are gifts of motherhood

Another heart wrenching thing that no will ever tell you about being a mother is losing your beauty and super slim figure that you used to have before pregnancy. Post pregnancy mothers used to lose their muscle firmness being vulnerable to obesity and unshaped body. Stress and sleepless nights will give you some additional mother gifts too in the face of dark circles and some wrinkles.

11. You cannot control everything

No matter how hard you try to keep everything aligned taking every possible care of your baby, keeping your room and house organized, cleaning all those stained clothes and sheets there would be some things that you cannot control or manage. May be for that you have to be a superwoman.

12. You might feel socially detached

Soon after your delivery, all your time will be invested for your baby. And this might make you feel a little bit lonely making you busy all day at home beside your baby and might make you feel socially detached. You will not get time to call your friends even or meet them.

13. Forget about an organized home

Babies and an organized home is like a never fulfilling dream. When there are babies a messy home is a must. No matter how hard you try keep everything at their respective places you will fail.

14. You have to sing even when you can’t

What you think, motherhood is like 2 minute noodles? Common it’s really terrible that you can ever imagine. You will have to sing lullabies for your little toddler to make them fall asleep even when you really sound awful and everyone knows it now.

15. Your life will be turned upside down

Once you become a mother trust me your life will be turned upside down. Your perception towards life would change remarkably. You will suffer but still you will be happy and content. You will feel stressed but meanwhile you will feel yourself lucky. One of the most beautiful things that no will ever tell you about being a mother is no matter how heartbreaking your life becomes you will still love your life and can never imagine it without your babies.

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