30 Common Words Women Say That Are Always Misunderstood By Men

Common Words Women Say That Are Always Misunderstood By Men

It’s true that if you want to know what a woman’s mind feels like, imagine a browser with 1000 tabs opened all the time. “Tough it is, isn’t it?” Well, understanding women and their mind is something like..ugh!! forget about it. Women do say one thing while they actually mean something else. Finding a track or a key to woman’s mind is next to impossible for all men, that’s because women speak two different languages unlike men. We women usually expect men to read their minds, but if you can’t read oh boy!!…you’re seriously fucked up. But, hey to make it a little easy for you people to understand the women of your lives here are some most common phrases and words used by all women that you really don’t get it. Poor guys!!

1. I’m fine

Actually that means we are totally not fine. Never ever believe these three words..ever!! We mean that we are not fine and we need your serious attention. So, have you been believing it till yet? Ugh..common!!

2. What?

That ‘what?’ is not a question, that is the first and last warning to change your words. Better change it ASAP. Whatever you say actually we always hear it, but give you the second final chance to change what you just said.

3. Whatever

This means we don’t want to argue with you and hence we agree to disagree with you. We are not interested in your lines brought up by you.

4. Fine

It’s the end. A worse end significantly. We just end the fight saying it, but actually we win it. And you lose, losing your room and bed for a night on your sofa.

5. No

A no means a no. No, talk, no arguments and no insisting. Don’t you dare to say anything after that.

6. Yes

Actually it means no most of the time. You can’t ever get the fine line between the real yes and the unreal one. So, better be ready for the aftermath.

7. Go ahead

Oops!!  A serious red light, don’t ever try to cross it. This is not a permission at all. If you dare, you are dead.

8. Oh! Nothing

Actually it is something. Something really serious and you need to figure it out real quick. If you ignore the nothing, then you might get several sleepless nights.

9. Do I look fat in this?

Never ever answer this question with a yes. This is a tricky question to find out whether we still look attractive to you. So, better say it like this, “You look amazingly hot in every outfit.”

10. Should I wear this…or.. this

This question has nothing to do with you. Actually this is a question to select an outfit quite easily. Men usually go for that “this” which covers most of our skin and the dress they want us to wear. So, we go for this which you don’t want us wearing.

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11. I’ll be in just 5 minutes

Get a coke, the remote of your TV and sit on your couch to relax and enjoy your TV show for at least mmmm.. 15-20 minutes. Note: Your “Honey!! are you ready?” might extend your relaxing period to 30 minutes.

12. I don’t want to talk right now

Actually we want to. Unlike men, women try to hide that frustration suppressing it in their mind which they want to explode only if when they are insisted to do so. So, next time when she says it, do talk and try to figure out what’s the matter.

13. Yeah..sure!

If she says it, then she doesn’t want to do it actually. She just tries hard to be polite and normal, but you might have to pay for it later.

14. You don’t love me anymore

Well, she knows that you love her so much, but you have not expressed or showed it from a long while. She just needs to be reassured. So, next time hug her tight and give her a tender kiss.

15. It’s okay

It’s not okay at all. She is just taking her time to plot to make you pay back for whatever it is you have done.

16. Thank You

We mean it really. Oh common..we meant it!!

17. Thank you so much!

Oops!! Not this time. This is an outrageous and unappreciated thanks for your most downgraded favour.

18. I’m sorry

No, we are not. Not at all. It’s just a way to ignore and avoid the fight and bad situation. But sometimes, it’s a genuine statement. Tough to get it..huh!!

19. I love you

We say it when we get so much happy after a good sex or a nice gift. Making it real easy for you if it is a quick I love you with a big smile and large eyes then probably you must have done something impressive and if it’s a tender I love you with a genuine smile and normal eyes, we mean it.

20. Are you listening?

Oops! You were somewhere else and your ears were not working for sure. So, all the best!!

21. Let’s not talk about it

She wants to talk about it. Ask her until she pours it all out.

22. It’s up to you

You are mistaken. You are not given a freedom to make a choice rather to make our choice which we won’t tell you. Find it out!

23. What are you doing?

So, whatever you are doing is totally wrong and you have to let your woman for doing it.

24. Do you have to do this now?

Not a question of course. Stop doing whatever you are up to, just be ready to follow the orders.

25. A big sigh

Inaudible word with a deadly effect.

26. You have to learn to communicate

Communicate that you could translate to agree with me always.

27. I’m not upset

She is. Whenever we say it, actually we are upset. And you have to be with us.

28. I think we need

She wants!! That “we need” should not be mistaken with your duet and a genuine need.

29. We need to talk

Oh…boy!! You are dead. Face it with strong heart.

30. I hate you

She doesn’t really. It’s her anger speaking. Make her calm down with all patience and love.

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